Letter to L V Rosser from Dave Smith



Letter to L V Rosser from Dave Smith


Wonders what he was doing now and writes about his own activities, postings, courses and flying. Catches up with news of colleagues. Mentions he is going on embarkation leave but does not know where he is going, probably the Far East.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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[inserted] 18.7.45. [postage stamp][post mark]

F/O L.V. Rosser,
[deleted] 30 Oatlands Rd,
Oxford [/deleted]
[inserted] Officers Mess,
R.A.F. Station,
Cambs. [/inserted]

[inserted] Dave Smith [/inserted]

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1007468 W/O Smith
Stronsay Whickham,
18 July 1945.

Dear Joe,

I wonder what you are doing now. I expect you finished your second tour before VE-day and are now on indefinite leave. I must apologise for not writing to you for so long, I hope you forgive me.

I was unable to get back on Bomber Command but I was posted from Stoney Cross up to Bramcote which is a Transport O.T.U. We were crewed up and did quite an extensive course,

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including astro & a lot of engine "gen", although the flying was only on Wimpeys. I met Bob Grant there, also doing the course but as he was at the satelite I didn't see much of him before he was posted. He told me that Johnny Riley is at Hoylake convalescing. I am glad he has got back safely.

I am now on Embarkation leave, which finishes on the 31st of this month when we have to report to Morecambe for kitting. I don't know officially where we are going but it looks like the far east, and I expect we'll

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be on close support out there.

I haven't got any gen about the where abouts of any of the boys but have heard that Edgehill is closed down. I have written to Red Hills & hope to hear from him before I leave. Have you any news of any of them?

Well, Joe I must say cheerio & I hope to hear how you are getting along soon.

Please give my kind regards to Scottie.

All the Best,



D Smith, “Letter to L V Rosser from Dave Smith,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36690.

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