B Soltysiak - cross of valour certificate. Notes on radio procedures and permission to wear campaign stars and medals



B Soltysiak - cross of valour certificate. Notes on radio procedures and permission to wear campaign stars and medals


Ministry of military affairs. A card authorizing to wear, the cross of the valour. Notes on Group HF/DF system for passing information to aircraft in flight, MF Beacon organisation, enemy M/F beacon, on rice paper instruction, distress TAC, P3 HF/DF. Permission for Sergeant B Soltysiak to wear 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.



Printed document, handwritten document and typewritten form with handwritten entries.


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No. LEG. 49/42



uponwazniajaca do noszenia


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DOWÓDZTWO 305 Polskiego D.B.


Plutonowy pilot

(Oddzial 305 Dyon B.) uprawnionym

jest do noszenia “KRZYZA WALECZNYCH”

(z 2 – kretnym okuciem)

Hemswell dnia 10 pazdziernika 1942 r.

[rubber stamp] Podpis Dowódcy


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Nadanie ogloszono w “[deleted words]
rozkazie I.P.S.P.
[deleted words]

Nr 21/41 z dnia 23 wrzesnia 1941 r.
Nr. 5/42 z dnia 4 marca 1942.
Nr. 7/42 z dnia 1 kwietnia 1942.

[rubber stamp] Dowódca Dyonu


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[underlined] Group ops. WAVE (BLOWER) HF/DF. [/underlined]

This consist of a high powered transmitter and receiver at Group HQ. issued for passing ops. instructions to A/C in flyinght [sic] or when necessary for receiving Ops. report from A/C. Group usually pass diversion on this wave, using appropriate groups from C.D.0250 (BOMBER CODE). A/C maintain listening watch during ops. on this wave at hour and half hour when group transmits tuning and timing signal. Any messages at hand are also transmitted this time.

[underlined] MF. BEACON Organisation [/underlined]

This organ. consists of several group of beacons geographically distributed over BRITISH Isle. Each group comprising of 3 Beacons sites. Service is maintain [sic] 24 HRS by Groups A, B, C, D, F, J. but trans. made from only one beacon at a time in each group using different call sign and freq.

Group, G’ operates on 236 Kc/s. One beacon at a time as per schedule or on request from HQ. NORTH Irland via F.C.O. Nutts Corner

[underlined] Enemy M/F. Beacon. [/underlined]

The enemy has an extensive organisation, they also change call sign and freq. and location, but is methodical and Bomber C. special staff forecast the schedule about 24 hrs. in advanse [sic]. A signal is sent to all stations giving details of enemy beacons, available and reliability, Location, call sign, freq. and colour code. To prevent enemy using their beacons, certain Beacons are jammed by AS.

Colour code: [underlined] Red [/underlined] no good anywhere White OK anywhere, GREEN OK when 70 mls from British coast or over enemy territory.

[underlined] On RICE PAPER. [/underlined].

1) The call sign and freq. of selected Continental wireless station.
2) LOCAtion of BRITISH M.F. beacons.
3) Location of Continental wireless station

[underlined] Distress [underlined] TAC [/underlined] [/underlined]
When west of 10°W, the A/C is to send its D/R position on Control freq. and then go over to 500 Kc/s. When EAST of 10°W the A/C is to send its call sign, and D/R position on the control freq. and then call Renfrew on 363 Kc/s to enable a fix to be made. If A/c in distress near coast of Eire ring AOC. 15 or 15 group and request him to initiate SOS. from GPO. WT station Mallin Head. Another alternative is for AOC. 15 or 16 g. to ring United Kingdom Reps in Dublin.

[underlined] P.3 HF/DF [/underlined]

Used in the past to relive [sic] congestion on HF/DF. station in Bomber Command. Suffers from Night effect.

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Number 781032
Rank SGT.
Initials B

The above named has provisional authority to wear the undermentioned Ribbons and Emblems.

1. 1939/45 Star
6. Air Crew Europe Star
11. Defence medal
12. War medal

Rule a line across this Slip immediately below the last entry made above./

He completed the full period of Qualifying Service for the 1939/45 Star on
Signature of C.O. W/C op
Rank [signature]
Unit R.A.F Chedburgh
Command Transport


“B Soltysiak - cross of valour certificate. Notes on radio procedures and permission to wear campaign stars and medals,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 30, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35273.

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