Training Notes on Fighter Tactics



Training Notes on Fighter Tactics


Notes taken during training to understand fighter tactics.




Two handwritten sheets


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[underlined] TACTICS [/underlined]

(1) Offensive. (2) Surprise [sic]. (3) Concentration. (4) Economy of Force. (5) Security. (6) Mobility. (7) Coorporation [sic] (8) Maintainence [sic] of Aim.

[underlined] Formation [/underlined] – A box of 6 a/c box up for attacks from either quarter down [deleted] of do [/deleted] or bows up.

Formation is boxed down for either quarter up or bows down.

[underlined] Advantages [/underlined]
All turrets have good view & a/c are at 90° to attack
1/ It presents a limited front.
2/ It [two deleted words] has sufficient guns to defend itself. It is not very tiring to pilots. They bind formations. It prevents stragglers. Very manouverable. [sic]

[underlined] Some of the difficulties of a fighter pilot. [/underlined]
1/ He is pilot & gunner 2/ With his high speed he tends to overshoot 3/ Once attacking cannot alter decision. 4/ Has a poor view behind & below him. (5) He has a petrol & ammo limitation.

[underlined] Evasive action [/underlined] – Turn to the attack. [underlined] Night evasion [/underlined] (1). Get into cloud. (2). If no cloud get down to ground level. (3). [underlined] Corkscrewing. (4) Undulating & (5) Weaving. [/underlined]
[underlined] X Search by Day [/underlined] (1) Out of the sun. (2) Summer Haze (3) Dawn & dusk. (4) Camoflauge. [sic] (5) [underlined] Take off & Land. [/underlined] (6) Broken cloud. (7) Decoy Aircraft. [underlined] Search by Night [/underlined] – Moonlight – silhouetted [sic] against water & searchlights

[underlined] R/T Proceedure [sic] [/underlined]


Method of reporting enemy a/c. Tallyho means – put me onto trasmit [sic]
Over means – put me back to recieve [sic]
Report [indecipherable word] of enemy a/c range & number

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[underlined] Formation Cover [/underlined]
(1) An escort wing – to prevent [inserted] enemy [/inserted] fighters from reaching bombers.
2/ An escort cover wing – covers fighter escort & bombers.
3/ High Cover wing – covers the escort cover.
4/ Target support wing – achieves air superiority over target.
5/ Forward support wing – covers withdrawal of the bombers.
6/ Rear support wing – patrols up & down Channel

Heavy flak can reach 42,000ft. Shell used is fuse shell
Lethal range is 30' to 90'
Light flak most effect between 2,000' & 8000' & can reach 20,000 very accurate. Rate of fire 200 rounds/min.

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“Training Notes on Fighter Tactics,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 26, 2023,

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