My finest memory



My finest memory


Story of Price Albert and his stutter causing him to be unable to issue command and author having to strike him on the back to force out the necessary order.




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To conclude I leave my finest memory to last.
On one occasion whilst training Prince Albert (later to
be King George VI) we were crossing the Thames when
a steamship was bearing down on us. As Prince Albert,
being a Royal, he was senior to me, although only a
midshipman, he had to give the order to change
course, I advised him to order hard to starboard, which
he attempted to do. However, his stutter took over
and he was showing signs of distress, as the ship was
closing fast, I did the only thing left to me, I struck him
smartly on the back whereupon the order came out
clearly and the danger was averted.
Then Albert turned and thanked me. I am very proud
to have struck a King of England and been thanked for
doing so.
George Potter



G Potter, “My finest memory,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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