Instructions for starting FW 190



Instructions for starting FW 190


English language instructions for starting Focke-Wolf FW 190.




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[underlined]INSTRUCTIONS FOR STARTING F.W. 190. [/underlined]
The F.W. 190 is the easiest modern German aircraft to start up alone unaided. The following procedure should be followed:
1. All black switches under hinge covers on the right hand side to be pressed down (i.e., on) except that marked “Aubenbord” (outboard starting switch).
2. Also switch on both petrol pumps (these are the two uncovered switches on the right hand decking.
3. Engine switches on left, together with prop switch, to be switched forward (i.e., on).
4. Petrol tap lever on the left hand side forward to be moved up (i.e., on).
5. The doper and tank is on the left, rear of pilot (elbow high) about six pumps are needed.
6. Throttle should be about 1 ½ in. forward of Gate (Rear of Gate is engine cut-out).
7. Close the hood when winding handle on the right and engage handle plunger in convenient notch to lock it. The hood must be kept shut all the time, including taking off and landing.
8. The started on the right should be pressed “down” for 15 seconds to energise and then up to engage.
9. After taxying for 200 yards the engine should be warm enough for take-off. (Oil pressure should read 7-9 for take-off at oil temperature 45-50).
10. Brakes are pedal operated with no parking brake. For take-off and landing the stick should be held hard back, which locks the tail wheel central and prevents swinging. For taxying keep the stick slightly forward.
11. Undercarriage UP by a red switch (Guarded) on the left, just before throttle.
12. Undercarriage DOWN by a green switch adjacent and large handle by petrol tap, which has to be pulled. This is also emergency and disengages up locks, allowing the undercarriage to fall out by gravity.
13. Flap switches are alongside undercarriage buttons.
14. Approach speed approximately 120. Engine controlled by single lever power control. Therefore throttle and revs. work together.



“Instructions for starting FW 190,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 21, 2024,

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