Group of men and women in a garden



Group of men and women in a garden


Group of men and women in civilian clothes, two men drinking from bottles two smoking sitting and standing in a garden with wall and trees in the background. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor. 'I had been told that the England and Tansley families had a lot of gatherings together, pre- war and this next photo shows one of them. Right at the back is Mum's eldest brother Bert. The first person in the next row is my grandfather Tansley (Dad's dad) wearing the straw hat, the next three men I don't recognise at all, but on the end is my Tansley grandmother. Front row left is uncle Albert, Dad's elder brother who played the saw!! Next, I think is his brother Fred. Next to him, wearing a hat and with a pipe clenched between his teeth, rather embarrassingly is my grandfather England. I only ever remember him as a rather strict man in his black suit, waistcoat and tie, going off to the Stock Exchange with his rolled umbrella and briefcase. Whoops! The next gentleman, also with a saw, I don't recognise but next to him are Mum and Dad looking ridiculously young. The last lady, on the far right looking on, is my lovely grandmother England keeping a wary eye on her daughter and young man.




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