Airmen and their Aircraft



Airmen and their Aircraft


14 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a port side view of a Harvard, annotated 'My Harvard (line!)'.
Photo 2 is a view of the front of a Lysander, annotated 'A Lysie' (No 1 Hangar)'
Photo 3 is an airman posing at the cockpit of a Harvard annotated 'What! Up again (line! line!)'
Photo 4 is a front/ port view of a Harvard, annotated 'The Harvard again'.
Photo 5 is three Bristol Bolingbroke aircraft, annotated 'Ready for take off'.
Photo 6 is a snowy landscape, annotated 'There is some life in Canada'.
Photo 7 is two airmen in flying gear, annotated 'The 'Doc' & Johnny'.
Photo 8 is six airmen sitting on a log, annotated 'No! its not Scotts Expedition'.
Photo 9 is the same pole without the airmen, annotated 'Low flying, eh!'
Photo 10 is a mid-upper turret of a Bolingbroke with an airman inside, annotated 'The "Doc" in the turret'.
Photo 11 is two airmen about to enter a Bolingbroke with two ground crew at work, annotated 'Keep 'em flying'.
Photo 12 and 13 are two different airmen in flying suits, annotated ' "Studies" in Black & White'.
Photo 14 is a single airman in flying kit.

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14 b/w photographs on two album pages


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