People and activities at training school



People and activities at training school


Top left - in the foreground a man wearing white shorts and tee-shirt standing on the edge of a path. Behind him another man and behind right a dog. In the background a building. Captioned 'getting ready for P.T.'
Top right - ten men mostly wearing uniform crowded in the doorway of a building. Man second row left side is wearing United States Army Air Corps cadet pilot uniform. Captioned 'Jack, Tag, Val, Chas, Smudge, Morris, Tate, Walley, Smithy, Chick'.
Bottom left - three men sitting behind a table in a barrack room. In the background centre a door and to te right coats hanging in row on wall. Caption 'Line shooing'.
Bottom right - three-quarter length portrait of a man wearing tunic and peaked cap (United States Army Air Corps cadet pilot uniform). In the background slightly left a man sitting on a chair reading in front of a building. captioned 'Tag'. Included are scans of all four photographs. On the reverse of second photograph 'Tranchant'.



Four photographs mounted on an album page


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