Avro Anson, R100 and Westland Welkin



Avro Anson, R100 and Westland Welkin


Photo 1 is a starboard side ground view of an Anson.
Photo 2 is a port side view of the R-100 airship attached to a ground pylon.
Photo 3 is a port side view of a Welkin.





Three b/w photographs on an album page


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Avro Anson.
Production of the Anson in Great Britain & Canada totalled 11.022 aircraft including the type 652A prototype that had flown in March 1935 as a coast reconnaissance development of the type 652 civil light transport, & it is in these varied roles that the Anson made its greatest contribution to Allied victory in the Second World War.

In an attempt to resolve the question of whether the large rigid airship was the ideal long range commercial vehicle for the mid 1920’s, Britains first Labour government under Ramsey Mac Donald [sic] promoted a programme of airship development. R100 was built by private enterprise at RNAS station Howden, Yorks, for a fixed sum of £350,000. Barnes Wallis headed the design team assisted by Neville Shute Norway. Carol’s Uncle Bert was also engaged on the project. Powered by six 650hp Rolls Royce Condor 111A engines. Built initially for flight to India the destination was altered to Canada. She flew for the first time on 16th December 1929 with flight trials being carried out at Cardington. On 29th July she set out on her Canadian run. Two months later the Governebt [sic] R101 crashed in France & the whole airship programme was cancelled.



Westland Welkin 11



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