Gotha 147B and Go 244



Gotha 147B and Go 244


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Photo 2 is a Go 244 high wing, twin engined troop and freight aircraft.




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Gotha 147B.
Designates [sic] as a short range air observation post and gunnery trainer. Crew of two. Powered by one Argus As 10 eight cylinder air cooled inverted vee engine rated at 240hp for take-off. Armed with two machine guns. In the mid 1930’s Gothaer began to investigate the possibilities of tailless aircraft, built to the design of Dr. Kupper & similar in concept to the Pterodactyl series pioneered in Britain by Prof. G.T.R. Hill. The principle aim was to produce a two seat fighter with an exceptional field of fire for a gunner mounted in the tail of the fuselage nacelle. Flight characteristics proved to be unsatisfactory & further development was abandoned in 1938.


Gotha Go 244.
Developed from the Go 242 glider, powered by two French built Gnome-Rhone 14M fourteen cylinder radial air cooled engines. Designated as a troop & freight transport.


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