Messerschmitt Me 110



Messerschmitt Me 110


Photo 1 is a front/port side view of a flying aircraft.
Photo 2 is two ground crew working on the nose of an aircraft.
Photo 3 is a port side view, on the ground.
Photo 4 is a front/port view from underneath.




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Messerschmitt Me 110

Messerschmitt 110

Messerschmitt ME 110.
The Me 110 was the first twin engined military aeroplane designed by Prof. Willy Messerschmitt, the original project being drawn up in 1936. The prototype first flew in 1938, too late for the 110 to participate in the Spanish Civil War. It first went into action in Poland on September 1st. 1939. The Me 110 was in continuous production throughout the European War & was developed through six series from B to G. The 110 was used fairly extensively as a light bomber-attack aircraft & night fighter from early 1943 until the final defeat of Germany. Its production was actually increased in the later stages of the war when the shortcomings of its intended successors the Me 210 & 410 became apparent. Designated as a Day & Night Fighter, Fighter Bomber, Reconnaissance & Ground Attack Monoplane.

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Messerscmitt [sic] Bf 110.
During the first days of August 1940, the Bf 110 represented the elite formations of the Luftwaffe, the Zerstorergruppen, poised on bases in France & the Low Countries for the commencement of Adlerangriff the aerial offensive designed to bring Britain to her knees. German propagandists had declaimed that these groups were invincible, & no seeds of doubt existed in the mind of Goring. In the weeks that followed their invincibility was to be proved unfounded. From the outset of Adlerangriff the Bf 110 heavy fighters received a disastrous mauling from the Hurricanes & Spitfires opposing them & the farcical situation arose whereby the 110’s had to be escorted by Bf109Ees. As a result the reputation of the 110 suffered badly.





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