Junkers Ju 89 and Ju 188



Junkers Ju 89 and Ju 188


Photo 1 is the port front of a Ju 89, long range bomber.
Photo 2 is the port/ rear of a Ju 188, designed as a medium bomber.




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Junkers JU 89.

Designed as a Long-range Heavy Bomber powered by four Dainler [sic] Benz DB 600A 12 cylinder liquid cooled engines. Crew of nine & a bomb load of 16 220lb oe [sic] 32 110lb bombs. The aircraft first flew in Dec. 1936, but the programme was scraped when the Ural Bomber development was cancelled.


Junkers JU 188.

Designed as a four seat Medium Bomber powered by two BMW 801D-2 14 cylinder radial air cooled engine. By 1939, Junkers was well advanced with the design of its JU 288, a successor to the JU 88. However, it was appreciated that some time would elapse before this could enter service. Consequently an interim successor was evolved as the JU 188 based on the Ju 88 prototypes with greater span wings & a larger forward fuselage. The first JU 188 flew in 1942 & first entered service in February 1943. About 1100 aircraft were delivered by Junkers.


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