Heinkel He 111Z



Heinkel He 111Z


Two He 111 mated together for transport and glider towing.
The view is from the front/ starboard side.




One b/w photograph on an album page


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Heinkel 111Z Series.
A product of the imagination of General Oberst Ernst Udet, the Siamese Twin, or Zwilling concept resulted in possibly the most improbable aircraft to attain service status during World War II, the monstrous HE 111Z transport & glider tug. During 1940, design development of the immense Ju 322 & Me 321 heavy cargo gliders had begun, but the Luftwaffe possessed no suitable aircraft for towing these giants. These aircraft were developed for the still proposed invasion of the British Isles. During a visit to Heinkel’s Udet suggested that two Heinkel 111’s should be linked together with a fifth engine added to provide the necessary power for towing, as a result work began early in 1941 on a prototype. Two HE111 fuselages complete with centre sections were linked together & a fifth engine installed. Two complete undercarriages were retained & the pilot was situated in the port fuselage with a second pilot in the right fuselage. The port pilot controlled the throttles, dual controls but no throttles were installed in the starboard fuselage, the second pilot controlline [sic] the starboard undercarriage, the radiator flaps of the centre & starboard engines. A mechanic, radio-operator & gunner were accommodated in the port fuselage, the second pilot acting as navigator. Type- Heavy Glider Tug powered by five Junkers Juno 211F-2 12 cylinder liquid cooled engines. The concept proved to be successful & long range bomber & reconnaisance [sic] variants were proposed



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