Dornier DO 317



Dornier DO 317


A starboard side view of a Dornier DO 317




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Dornier Do 317.
In July 1939 the Luftwaffe issued its ‘Bomber B’ specification with the aim of carrying medium bomber design a significant step forward. It stipulated the aircraft had to have a range of 2237 miles to give it a radius of action sufficient to encompass the entire British Isles from bases it assumed would be available in Norway & France. A maximum speed of 373 mph., an altitude of 23000 feet & a bomb load of 4410lbs. It had to carry a crew of three or four, possess a loaded weight of about 44000lbs & be of twin engines configuration. The real radical demand of the specification was that the accomadation [sic] for the crew should be pressurised, & the use of remotely controlled barbettes to house the defensive armament. Several prototypes were built but production as such never took place.


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