Dornier 217 E-4 and K-01



Dornier 217 E-4 and K-01


Photo 1 is a port side view of a DO 217 E-4 on the ground.
Photo 2 is a night bombing variant. The view is from the front/starboard side.




Two b/w photographs on an album page


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The Dornier DO 217 E-4.
Late in 1941 the assembly lines began to switch from the 217E2 to the 217 E 4 which came into operational use in 1942. The E4 was equipped with BMW 810C engines & with the Kuto-Nase balloon cable cutter in the leading edge of the wing.


Dornier 217K-01.
The DO 217 K was intended primarily for the night bombing role, & the initial production model, the 217 K-1, which began to leave the assembly line in the late summer of 1942, entered service with Kampfgeschwader 2 in the autumn. The K-1 was the first model to adopt as standard the R 25 tail fairing housing a Perlon braking chute, & in 1944 experiments were conducted with a 217 K-1 fitted with ETC 2000/X11 carriers both under the outboard wing panels & between the fuselage & engine nacelles to enable the aircraft to carry no fewer than four L5 torpedo’s, although it was not used operationall [sic] with this warload.



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