Dornier DO 217 J2 and N2



Dornier DO 217 J2 and N2


Photo 1 is a DO 217 J2, port side on the ground. Used as a night fighter the nose was modified to house radar.
Photo 2 is a DO 217 N2, port side on the ground. Similar to the J2 but with different engines.




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Above DO 217 J 2
Below DO 217 N 2


Dornier DO 217 J & N Series.
During the closing months of 1941 & the early months of 1942, the General der Nachtjagd steadily added links to the defensive chain known as the Kammhuber Line, & comprised a searchlight belt 22 miles in depth & a closely integrated series of circular zones in which individual night fighters were vectored towards their targets. Due to a shortage of Junkers 88 nightfighters DO 217 J & N series were produced to fill the gaps in numbers. The 217J differed from the standard bomber only in having a redesigned nose cone to house radar. The DO217 N had flown for the first time on July 31st 1942, & apart from its power plants was similar to the 217J2.



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