Two articles



Two articles


Article 1 headlines: 'Three Soviet columns nearing Pecs, 'Two bridgeheads'. Article 2 headline: 'Spitfires blew up V2 warheads'.

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2,800 each month

At present, under the compassionate leave scheme and the new lottery, 2,800 are going home each month.

The most surprised man of all was Major Clutson, of Public Relations.

He was standing by to interview leave-lucky men at Alexandria when a phone call came through “That’s a bad joke; it’s not even April 1st,” was his first reaction when told he was to be among those setting off in less than a month’s time for a month’s leave in England.

Three Soviet Columns are nearing Pecs

RUSSIAN spearheads are advancing from three sides on Pecs, rail town in Southern Hungary, 23 miles west of the Danube.

This triple drive was announced last night by von Hammer, Berlin commentator. It follows the Nazi admission earlier [missing letter]n the day that Mohacs, 25 miles [missing letter]ast of Pecs, was no longer held [missing letter]y the Germans.

Two bridgeheads

Berlin radio added the comment: “All along the front line – more than 1,500 miles from the Baltic to the Balkans – the German High Command is awaiting

that the men’s pay and allowances would be stopped while they refuse to take orders from their officers.

Over the week-end the men took mortar bombs and Bangalore torpedoes (7ft. tubes with several pounds of explosives). These they returned later, saying they were too dangerous to fool with, but they still had their rifle ammunition.

The men sent messages to the Premier through their commanding officer, listing their grievances, he said, adding: “It boils down to the fact that they just don’t want to go overseas.”


Present conditions would be allowed to run their course provided there was no injury to civilians or damage to civil property.

Pacific Command H.Q. announces that inquiries are to be made into the demonstrations at six British Columbia centres – Terrace. Vernon, Chilliwack, Nanaimo, Courtenay and Prince George.

The troops concerned in the demonstrations are French-Canadians, who demand to be returned to their homes in Quebec.

Spitfires blew up V2 warheads

TO implement direct fighter-bomber attacks on V2 erection and launching sites in enemy-occupied Holland, Spit- [missing words]


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