Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir



Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir


Letter from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother. He writes about receiving two parcels, about his photography, the Melbourne Cup, his arrangements for his leave, about colleagues and going to the cinema.




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Kodak House
Dec 5th. 43
Letter No 21
Dear Mum
This week has been a red letter week in the true sense of the word. I received an Airgrath [sic] dated Nov 10th a sea mail dated Sept 2nd (No 15) and two parcels, one parcel was a cake sent by Myers, it arrived in good condition and was very tasty; the second parcel was one packed by you, it arrived in good condition also. I told you what are the best things to send in an airgrath, [sic] so I wont go into it again, one thing I would like to repeat is “please don’t send anything that is rationed over there” as this is [underlined] not [/underlined] a starving country as most people at home believe it to be. The two films in the parcel arrived safely, at the moment I have more film than I know what to do with; thank Joyce for her trouble in procuring them, I will drop her a line sometime & send a couple of snaps.
As regards the Camera I am becoming quite an expert on it, the three months will Bill Purtell taught me a lot, still the greatest teacher as you say is Experience.
You said in your letter that you & Vincent were going to the Melbourne Cup, I hope
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you did better on the Cup than I did over here. I am yet to visit Wests’; next leave which will be over Christmas week I intend to spend with Auntie Louie which will be the next best place to home. The following leave I am considering going to Ireland, still its too far off to decide yet. How is everything at home? Everybody in the best of health I hope! Over here life is treating me very well, I must weigh myself when I get the opportunity, I am sure I must have put on about a stone.
A few days ago Bill Carham arrived back on the Squadron, apparently he was just hanging around waiting for a plane to take [deleted] them [/deleted] [inserted] him [/inserted] out to the Middle East; the only advantage he can see about his wait was the ample leave he got. I used a film the other day photographing the crew they came out very well, I did not have much trouble getting the film developed & printed; if this letter is not too heavy for airmail I will enclose a couple of snaps.
Last night I went to see “Mrs Minever” it was a very good show but I think I was a bit too weary to appreciate it, you saw it didn’t you? What did you think of it?
On special occasions we get Bacon & Eggs for a meal, its quite a change after the powdered Eggs that we usually get. If we had a stove in the Billet instead of the hot water pipes, I could start a real Kitchen with all the tinned goods I have in my locker, its beginning to look like a Grocer’s Shop.
Well Mum that seems to be the news at the minute if I end now I might get a couple of snaps in. Let me know how the mail is arriving. Don’t worry over me either
Your loving Son. Jim XXXXX



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