Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Dave has returned to work, following four days' leave for Christmas in Winnipeg. He apologises for writing infrequently. Dave explains that he has saved Betty's Christmas present, until he can give it to her in person. He describes the intense work load and promises to write more often once he has completed the course.




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Miss. Betty Hughes
50. Portland Street,
Cardiganshire. WALES.

1653015 LAC DAVIES DH.

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1653015 LAC DAVIES D

My Dearest Darling,
Well I’m back at work again darling, after a mervelous [sic] 4 days leave, and a very merry Christmas at Winnipeg. Please forgive me darling for not writing sooner we forgot to take any writing material with us, and we could not get any in Winnipeg as everything was closed all the time we were there. I imagine that a lot of the
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other boys did the same too judging by the number writing in here tonight. We had a really good time at Christmas. I went with two of my pals. We had a place to stay through the Y.M.C.A. we stayed with [deleted] indecipherable word [/deleted] an old English couple in the heart of the city. They were really nice to us they made us feel quite at home, and we had a super Christmas dinner there. I’m sure I could’nt have had a better dinner at home, but I’m sure of one thing. I would have had a better Christmas if I could have shared it with you darling. I missed you more than ever. I was thinking of you all the time, and thinking what kind of Christmas you were having at home and the things you might be doing. I’m sure you felt the same darling, but never mind we shall spend the next Christmas together and what fun we’ll have. By the way I’m keeping your Christmas present until I come home. I was afraid of sending it to you in case it got lost or damaged in the Christmas rush. I hope you do’nt [sic] mind. What sort of Christmas did you have darling? I hope you had a happy one. You did’nt [sic] eat too much like we did did you? I’m longing to hear from you darling. I hav’nt [sic] heard for quite a while. I expect I’ll hear tomorrow though. Please forgive me if I do'nt [sic] write often enough darling. We have so much to do on this course and we’ll be busier still now to make up for this leave. There’s only 6 more weeks to the end of the course now darling. You’ll get plenty of letters from me then. I’ll have more time off - I hope. Well the flying is still going pretty well. I have done nearly 100 hrs [sic] here now, but we still have a lot to do though. They tell us we should be off the station by the first week in February though. I hope its [sic] true. I’m longing so much to see you again darling. I wish this war would end soon, then I could be with you always, and share everything with you darling. I’m longing to see you in white again.
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I’m afraid that’s all for now darling. I have to go and do some work before I go to bed. We’re not night flying tonight luckilly [sic]. I’m really tired after the twelve hour train journey from Winnipeg.
Think of me sometimes darling. Keep on waitnig [sig] patiently. I love you more than ever and ʹam [sic] always thinking of you whatever I do.
Your darling



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 5, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19789.

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