Wellington Crash Landing Drill



Wellington Crash Landing Drill


Printed sheet of Wellington Crash Landing Drill (Flying Training Command)

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- 2 -

[letter missing]arn crew to ditching stations, Contact W/Op. on i/c. Close fuel jettisonscocks[sic], lower flaps 30°. Switch on Nav. indent. cockpit lighting and landing-lights (if required) and gives W/op. final warning.

[missing letter]arn crew "BRACE FOR DITCHING", Disconect [sic] i/c and ditch aircraft.

On receiving warning from 1st Nav. contact pilot on i/c, continuing distress action meanwhile, and final warning clamp down key and move to take up ditching station.

Shout "BRACE, BRACE" disconnect i/c and Brace.

Warm W/Op (Slap on shoulder) and move to take up ditching station.

Sout [sic] "BRACE, BRACE" disconnect i/c and brace.

Move to ditching station, check that astro hatch has been removed and floatation gear operated. Take up ditching position.

Shout "BRACE, BRACE" Disconnect i/c and brace.

[underlined REMEMBER THERE WILL BE TWO IMPACTS. [/underlined]
[underlined] ACTION AFTER DITCHING. [/underlined]

Release safety and parachute harness leave thro' cockpit roof exit and inflate mae west.

Move aft onto St'bd wing.

Assist 2nd Nav. to steady dinghy from wing.

Board dinghy last, call roll check equipment, order 2nd Nav to cut painter and give W/Op. orders to cast off.

Collect Dinghy radio kite assembly, and emergency pack. Pass these to 1st Nav. leave 3rd thro' astro hatch and inflate mae west.

Got onto St'bd. wing.

Board dinghy 2nd.

Cast off on order from pilot.

Remove axe from stowage and pass it to 2nd Nav. leave second through astro dome and inflate Mae West.

[indecipherable word] Dinghy radio and Kite assembly from W/Op. and pass to second Nav. Receive emergency pack from W/Op.

Board dinghy 1st.
Plug leaks, top up.

Operatue [sic] Manual release. Leave 1st thro' Astro Hatch. Inflate Mae West. Receive axe from 1st Nav. Get onto st'bd wing and assist dinghy from stowage

Receive dinghy radio and kite assembly from 1st Nav. Steady dinghy and help crew to board with safety equipment.

Board dinghy 3rd.

Cut painter on order from Pilot.

[underlined] THE NEXT JOB IS TO GET THE DINGHY RADIO WORKING, AND RIG [two indecipherable words] [/underlined]

[page break]


(a) (b)PILOT (c) NAV.I. (d) W/OP. (e) NAV.II (f) REAR GUNNER. (g) EXTRA CREW.

(b) Call out height every 500 ft. of descent. Maintain correct speed and rate of descent. Open escape hatch. Turn OFF jettison cocks. NOTE: aircraft are on no account to be landed with jettison cocks open. At 100' [swic] call "height 1000' ft" and flash call light. Lower 20° flap. Check u/c up. Switch on landing light if applicable. Call out height every 100 feet. (c) Remove parachute in harness and take up position. “Report Nav. I in position. (d) Cease transmitting. Remove para. harness and take up position. Report “W/Op in position. Clamp key. (e) Remove parachute harness. Report "Nav II in position". (f) Rest head on right arm. Report "Rear gunner in position".

(b) At 50' warn crew "Brace Brace". At 20' close throttles Carry out belly landing. (c) Brace (d) Brace (e) Brace (f) Brace (g) Brace.

[underlined] AIRCRAFT CRASH LANDS. [/underlined]

(a) ACTION AFTER CRASH LANDING. (b) Ensure engines stopped. Operate graviner. Release harness. Leave a/c. (c) Leave first through astro hatch. (d) Leave after Nav. I. (e) Leave third through astro hatch. (f) Leave turret. (g) Leave after Nav. II or through pilot's hatch after pilot.

NOTE: W/Op carries out normal Distress Procedure as in "Ditching" when aircraft has to crash land and the need for rescue will arise, e.g., Jungle and Desert.



“Wellington Crash Landing Drill,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19384.

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