Paine, Geoff


Paine, Geoff
Geoffrey Hugh Paine
G H Paine


14 items. An oral history interview with Sergeant Geoffrey Paine (1925 - 2019, 1894345, Royal Air Force) documents and photographs. He flew as a pilot with 100 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Geoffrey Paine and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Paine, GH

Collection Items

Geoff Paine's time in the RAF
A five page document recording Geoff's time in the R.A.F. from August 1943 until August 1949, in addition to his flying career as a pilot he undertook many other tasks as the aircrew training machine wound down.

Geoff Paine's pilots flying log book
Pilots flying log book for G H Paine, covering the period from 4 January 1945 to 25 July 1949. Detailing his flying training, post war squadron duties with 511 squadron and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Anstey, RAF Guinea Fowl, RAF…

Wellington Crash Landing Drill
Printed sheet of Wellington Crash Landing Drill (Flying Training Command)

Map of Southern Africa
Hand drawn map showing national boundaries and railways.

Map of Southern Rhodesia
Hand drawn map showing rivers, places visited during his training and railways.

Front page of Geoff Paine's album
Album page annotated 'Southern Rhodesia and South Africa during my pilot training for the R.A.F. 1 March 1945 to 6 October 1945 1894345 Cadet Paine G.H.'

Harvard March 1945
Harvard in flight unit markings FB-GB, caption 'Myself at Mattopos Dam Near Bulawayo , March 1945'.

Scenes around Bulawayo
First broad street, urban scene, captioned 'Abercorn Street, Bulawayo'.
Second large two storey building with central tower and colonnade, set in trees captioned 'City Hall Bulawayo'.
Third large two storey building with dome, set in trees, car…

Scenes around Bulawayo
First is urban street scene with statue on pedestal, unable to read caption.
Second is captioned 'Cenotaph Bulawayo.
Third is broad urban street scene with handcart captioned 'Abercorne Street Bulawayo'.
Fourth is of part of a grove of trees,…

Geoff Paine with Cornell
Aircraft in front of hangar, Geoff standing at left hand wing root, captioned 'Myself and Cornell aircraft at RATG Guinea Fowl Nr Gwelo May 1945'.

Area around Guinea Fowl
First aerial view of dam and lake, captioned 'Umshumdige Dam near Fort Victoria', Second aerial view of landing ground captioned '20 E.F.T.S. R.A.T.G. Guinea Fowl'.
Third family of four in front of their hut, captioned 'Askari guard and his family…

Tony O'Brien with Cornell
Cornell on ground in front of hangar, Tony O'Brien sitting on left hand trailing edge, captioned 'Tony O'Brien and Cornell aircraft Guinea fowl'.

Cornell aircraft
Three photographs of Cornell aircraft, first showing short row of aircraft captioned 'A Flt tarmac Guinea Fowl'.
Second showing five in flight, left wing of another in foreground captioned 'Formation down to Bulawayo from Guinea Fowl'.

Livingstone Avenue Gwelo
Broad street, urban street scene, captioned 'Livingstone Avenue Gwelo'.

Boggie clock Gwelo
Tall clock tower with large buildings in the background, open space around it, captioned 'Boggie Clock Gwelo'.

Municipal Offices Gwelo
Large single story building with three story structure in the centre, large portico. Low hedge and grass in front, captioned 'Municipal Offices Gwelo'.

Cecil Hotel Gwelo
Single storey building with colonnade across front, with car park and road, captioned 'Cecil Hotel Gwelo'.

Girls school, Gwelo
Two story building with low hedge and open space in front, captioned 'Girls School Gwelo'.

Boys school Gwelo
Shows three storey modern building with open space in front, captioned 'Boys School Gwelo'.

Geoff Paine and Harvard
Harvard on ground, EX671, in front of hangar, captioned 'Myself in Harvard III 22 SFTS RATG Thornhill Gwelo'.

Harvards at Thornhill
Five photographs, first Harvard in flight, captioned 'Self flying Mk IIa Harvard'. Second, Harvard in flight captioned 'Friend flying Harvard'.
Third, aerial view of three small towns captioned, 'Thornhill Gwelo Moffat'. Fourth, aerial view,…

Four photographs, first captioned 'Self in MkIII Harvard.
Second captioned 'Elephant from 500ft Nr Shamva.
Third, full length standing on road, trees in background, captioned 'Brian Powell West side of airfield Thornhill.
Fourth, full length…

51A course Thornhill
Formal photograph of the 65 members of course arranged in five rows in front of hangar doors, captioned, 22 S.F.T.S. at Thornhill, Gwelo 51A course'. Annotated 'The 'Boys' of 51A Course'. The surnames are written on the individual photographs.

Photograph of Brian Powell and Geoff, sitting on the ground, single story barrack blocks in background, captioned 'Brian Powell and self Thornhill Gwelo'.

Thrree small photographs, first shows group of individuals crowding around a wireless set, captioned 'VJ Day Thornhill'.
Second showing Askari bugler, captioned ' 'Lights out' Askari guard Thornhill'.
Third showing Hurricane on the ground…
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