Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's time on Christmas Island 1957



Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's time on Christmas Island 1957
Christmas Island, mid Pacific


Photograph of city captioned 'San Francisco from the "Top of the Mark"'.
First photograph eight individuals in shorts or swimming trunks in front of lean-to on beach captioned, 'Most of the crew at the SAR beach hut'.
Second is individual in uniform standing by life ring marked 'Christmas Island' tent lines in background.
Third is individual in front of tent captioned 'Wash day at 'Home''.
Fourth is of three individuals in swimming trunks in front of SAR beach hut. Fifth is taken from inside a tent looking out onto a coral beach with bush and lagoon in background captioned 'Room with a sea view'.
Group of six photographs showing various views of the coral beach and lagoon with various individuals swimming sunbathing or snorkelling. Captioned 'Surf on the coral reef', and 'Our favourite occupation'.
Last photograph is of an industrial plant captioned 'HMS Christmas Island, de-salination plant operated by Royal Navy'.
Newspaper clipping of a photograph superimposed, captioned 'TOP OF THE MARK- This fabulous Nob Hill cocktail lounge, 573 feet above sea level, considered by visitors to be among San Francisco's most popular attractions. not to be missed are the unsurpassed vistas of the city in all directions'.
Christmas card from Christmas Island with the inscription 'With best wishes for a very happy Christmas'. An aerial photograph of the island captioned ' this is what it looks like'. On the reverse a map of the Pacific showing the location of the island captioned 'Task Force Grapple, Christmas island, this is where it is.' Also has inscription 'Ralph Tuck & Son Ltd'.
Page is captioned 'Christmas Island, mid Pacific'.



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13 photographs, a card and one newspaper clipping on an album page


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“Photographs and memorabilia of Keith Thompson's time on Christmas Island 1957,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024,

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