Arthur Hollis: flying instructors' school report



Arthur Hollis: flying instructors' school report
Form 364 (b)


Including duration and purpose of course, flying time on Oxford, ground training results, assessment of ability etc. Remarks by Chief Instructor include: 'A good average pilot who should prove his worth at 11 OTU. A sound reliable officer.'



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Completed course and left this Unit. 10th. November, 1943.
[Underlined] ROYAL AIR FORCE. [Underlined] Form 364 (b).
[Underlined] Flying Instructors’ School Report on an Officer or Airman Pilot undergoing a Flying Instructor’s Course. [/Underlined]
(This form is also to be used for re-categorising instructors).
(See Instructions over.)

Name Hollis A.N. Unit 11 O.T.U.
Rank F/O. A/F/L. Number 124522
Duration of training – From 13th October, 1943. To 10th November, 1943.
Purpose or No. of Course O.T.U. Staff Pilots’ Course No.48.

1. Flying Times: -
[Flying Times Table]

2. Ground Training- Fling Instructor’s Course:-
[Ground Training- Fling Instructor’s Course Table]
3. Assessment of Ability:-
(i) as pilot Day Average
Night Average
(ii) as flying instructor Average.
(iii) as B.A. instructor N/A.
[Inserted] C.I. C P2 [/Inserted]
[Page Break]
4. Remarks by Chief Instructor:- This officer will make a most useful instructor being thorough with his patter which is put over in an interesting manner. He has a clear telephone voice and takes any amount of trouble with his explanations. His demonstrations are accurately executed. A good average pilot who should prove his worth as an instructor at 11 O.T.U. A sound reliable officer.
5. Remarks by Commanding Officer:-
Cat. Recommended “Q” (M.E.)
(Sgd) C.W.S. Thomas, S/Ldr. O.C. No.1 Sqdn.
I agree.

Previous Category (if any) NIL.
Category now recommended “Q” (M.E.)
Date 9th November, 1943.
(Sgd) R. J. Gosnell, W/Cdr.
Commanding No. 3 Flying Instructors’ School.
[Underlined] INSTRUCTIONS. [/Underlined]
1. This report will be rendered in respect of any officer or airman pilot undergoing training or test as a Flying Instructor.
2. Distribution of the completed report will be as follows:-
The Air Ministry, S.7.d (2) (In respect of officers) 1 copy.
The Air Ministry, D.P. 2 (In respect of airman) 1 copy.
Empire Central Flying School 1 copy.
Air Officer i/c Records (in respect of airmen) 1 copy.
Unit to which an instructor is posted on completion of training 1 copy.

3. Assessments of ability in Section 3 of the Form are to be one of the following:-
Above Average.
Below Average.

4. Flying instructors are categorised on the following basis:-
B. Qualified to instruct (SE) (ME) or (Elementary).
C. Has the makings of an instructor with practise. Permitted to instruct on probation.

5. GROUND TRAINING:- To secure a pass a pilot under training as a flying instructor must obtain not less than 50 per cent. in each subject of the examination and not less the 60 per cent. of the total marks.
(*12006-10547) Wt. 9269-5997 12,500 5/43 T.S. 700.



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