Crew list for operation against submarine pens in Le Havre



Crew list for operation against submarine pens in Le Havre


Specifies date - 14/15 June 1944, target and zero hour 2235 hours. Lists crews with Wing Commander Cheshire leading along with two other markers flying Mosquito and 22 crews flying Lancaster all armed with one Tallboy bomb.



Temporal Coverage

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Six page typewritten document


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MCheshireGL72021-181210-020003, MCheshireGL72021-181210-020004, MCheshireGL72021-181210-020005, MCheshireGL72021-181210-020006, MCheshireGL72021-181210-020007, MCheshireGL72021-181210-020008


[underlined] DATE: [/underlined] 14/15th JUNE, 1944.
[underlined] TARGET: [/underlined] SUBMARINE PENS, LE HAVRE.
[underlined] ZERO HOUR: [/underlined] 2235 HOURS.

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]
[underlined] LEADER & MARKER NO. 1: [/underlined] W/Cdr. Cheshire
[underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] Mos. ‘N’
Navigator: F/O Kelly
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 4 Red Spot Fires

[underlined] MARKER No. 2: [/underlined] S/Ldr. Shannon [underlined] A/C Letter:[/underlined] Mos. ‘G’
Navigator: F/O Sumpter
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 4 Red Spot Fires

[underlined] MARKER No. 3: [/underlined] F/L Fawke [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] Mos. ‘L’
Navigator: F/O Bennett
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 4 Red Spot Fires

[underlined] DEPUTY LEADER: [/underlined] S/Ldr. Munro [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘W’
F/Engineer: F/S Appleby
Navigator: F/L Rumbles
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O Pigeon
A/G M.U.: P/O Howarth
Air Bomber: F/L Astbury
A/G Rear: F/O Weeks
Front Gunner: S/L Walker

[underlined:] CAPTAIN [/underlined] S/Ldr. McCarthy [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘Q’
F/Engineer: F/O Radcliffe
Navigator: F/O MacLean
W/Operator: W/O Eaton
A/G M.U.: W/O Batson
Air Bomber: F/O Daniel
A/G Rear: F/L Rodger
Front Gunner: F/L Curtis

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Wilson [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Cherrington
Navigator: F/O Stott
W/Opertor: F/O Allen
A/G M.U.: F/S Vaughan
Air Bomber: F/O Finlay
A/G Rear: F/L Chandler
Front Gunner: Sgt. King
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Poore [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/S Johnson
Navigator: F/O Roberts
W/Operator: F/S Thompson
A/G M.U.: F/S Tookey
Air Bomber: F/O Elsey
A/G Rear: Sgt. Fowle
Front Gunner: F/S Castleman
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Fearn [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: P/O Davies
Navigator: F/S Johnson
W/Operator: F/S Baker
A/G M.U.: F/S Wilson-Williams
Air Bomber: F/O Chadwick
A/G Rear: W/O Kemp
Front Gunner: Sgt. Ronald
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Clayton [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/O Hill
Navigator: F/O Buttle
W/Operator: F/O Chalmers
A/G M.U.: F/S Sharp
Air Bomber: F/O Watson
A/G Rear: F/S Hume
Front Gunner: F/O Ward P/O Carey
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Williams [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Soilleux
Navigator: F/O Talbot
W/Operator: F/S Potter
A/G M.U.: F/S Blagdon
Air Bomber: F/O Walker
A/G Rear: Sgt. McKellar
Front Gunner: Sgt. Craig
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Edward [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/O King
Navigator: F/O Pritchard
W/Operator: F/S Hobbs
A/G M.U.: P/O Johnston
Air Bomber: F/S Brook
A/G Rear: F/S Isherwood
Front Gunner: Sgt. Henderson
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Kearns [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: P/O hewnderson
Navigator: F/O Barclay
W/Operator: P/O Ellwood
A/G M.U.: W/O Bickley
Air Bomber: W/O Bennett
A/G Rear: F/O Petch
Front Gunner: F/L Tate
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Reid [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/S Stewart
Navigator: F/O Peltier
W/Operator: F/O Luker
A/G M.U.: F/S Holt
Air Bomber: P/O Rolton
A/G Rear: W/O Hutton
Front Gunner: F/S McNally
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’
[page break]

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Howard [underlined] A/C letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Hawkins
Navigator: F/O Hawkins
W/Operator: F/S Lucan
A/G M.U.: W/O Woods
Air Bomber: F/S Hartley
A/G Rear: F/F Clarke
Front Gunner: P/O Heggie
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] L ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] Lt. Knilans [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/O Ryall
Navigator: P/O Geller
W/ Operator: F/O Knell
A/G M.U.: Sgt. Crosby
Air Bomber: F/O Rogers
A/G Rear: P/O Learmouth
Front Gunner: P/O Castagnola
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Ross [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/O Girling
Navigator: F/O Davies
W/Operator: F/S Hickson
A/G M.U.: F/O Platt
Air Bomber: W/O McClellan
A/G Rear: F/O Tuxford
Front Gunner: F/O Atkinson
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Knights [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: P/O Twells
Navigator: F/O Rhude
W/Operator: F/O Hosie
A/G M.U.: F/S Pengelly
Air Bomber: P/O Bell
A/G Rear: F/S Derham
Front Gunner: Sgt. Briars
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Duffy [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Benting
Navigator: F/O Bell
W/Operator: F/O Pearce
A/G M.U.: W/O Porter
Air Bomber: F/O Woods
A/G Rear: P/O Evans
Front Gunner: W/O Allen
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Hamilton [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Rooke
Navigator: P/O Jackson
W/Operator: Sgt. Thompson
A/G M.U.: Sgt. Dadge
Air Bomber: F/O Duck
A/G Rear: F/S Hamilton
Front Gunner: F/S McLean
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Kell [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: P/O Clarke
Navigator: F/O Hager
W/Operator: F/O Evans
A/G M.U.: P/O Snell
Air Bomber: F/O Morieson
A/G Rear: F/S Price
Front Gunner: Sgt. Thomas
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Stanford [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Judson
Navigator: P/O Butler
W/Operator: W/O Jordon
A/G M.U.: F/S Griffiths
Air Bomber: W/O Clarke
A/G Rear: P/O Jewell
Front Gunner: W/Cdr. Weir S. Evans
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Stout [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]

F/Engineer: P/O Gurney
Navigator: F/O Ingleby
W/Operator: F/S Nuttall
A/G M.U.: P/O C-Underwood
Air Bomber: F/O Rupert
A/G Rear: W/O Smith
Front Gunner: F/S Hunnisette
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’
[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Willsher [underlined] A/C letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Hurdiss
Navigator: F/O Playford
W/Operator: P/O Bell
A/G M.U.: F/S Salter
Air Bomber: P/O Everett
A/G Rear: F/O Witherick
Front Gunner: Sgt. Matthews
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Cheney [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Rosher
Navigator: P/O Welch
W/Operator: F/S Pool
A/G M.U.: F/S McRostie
Air Bomber: F/S Curtis
A/G Rear: F/S Wait
Front Gunner: F/S McKie
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] P/O Gingles [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined]
F/Engineer: Sgt. Gallagher
Navigator: F/O Beale
W/operator: W/O Riley
A/G M.U.: F/L Scott-Kiddie
Air Bomber: F/S Hazell
A/G Rear: F/O Hall
Front Gunner: W/O McLennan F/S Mason
[underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 ‘Tallboy’



“Crew list for operation against submarine pens in Le Havre,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 17, 2024,

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