Crew list for Saumur tunnel operation



Crew list for Saumur tunnel operation


Provides date - night 8/9 June 1944, target- railway tunnel and bridge, Saumur, zero hour - 0200. Leader and marker no 1 - Wing Commander Cheshire flying Mosquito. Lists pilot and navigator of two other markers flying Mosquito. Lists 25 other crews flying Lancasters with aircraft letter and bomb load. Bomb loads include 1000 lb bombs, 7 inch clusters and 14,000 lb bomb (actually 12,000 lb Tallboy).



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MCheshireGL72021-181210-010005, MCheshireGL72021-181210-010006, MCheshireGL72021-181210-010007, MCheshireGL72021-181210-010008. MCheshireGL72021-181210-010009, MCheshireGL72021-181210-010010


[underlined] DATE: [/underlined] NIGHT 8/9th JUNE, 1944.


[underlined] ZERO HOUR: [/underlined] 0200 HOURS.

[underlined] LEADER & MARKER NO.1: [/underlined] W/Cdr. Cheshire [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] mos. ‘N’
Navigator: F/O Kelly [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 4 Red Spot Fires

[underlined] MARKER NO.2: [/underlined] S/Ldr. Shannon [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] Mos. ‘C’
Navigator: F/O Sumpter [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 3 Red Spot Fires 1 Wanganui Flare
Abortive – port engine overspeeding.

[underlined] MARKER NO.3: [/underlined] F/L Fawke [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] Mos. ‘L’
Navigator: F/O Bennett [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 3 Red Spot Fires 1 Wanganui Flare

[underlined] DEPUTY LEADER: [/underlined] S/Ldr. Munro [underlined] A/C Letter: ‘W’ [/underlined]
F/Engineer: F/S Appleby – Navigator: F/L Rumbles – W/Operator: F/O Pigeon – A/G M.U.: P/O Howarth – Air Bomber: F/L Astbury – A/G Rear: F/O Weeks [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] S/Ldr. McCarthy [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘Q’
F/Engineer: - F/O Radcliffe – Navigator: F/O MacLean – W/Operator: W/O Eaton – A/G M.U.: W/O Batson – Air Bomber: F/O Daniel – A/G Rear: F/L Rodger – F/L Currie [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.
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[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Kearns [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘U’
F/Engineer: P/O Henderson – Navigator: F/O Barclay – W/Operator: F/O Ellwood – A/G M.U.: W/O Bickley – Air Bomber: S/l Richardson – A/G Rear: F/O Petch – F/L Tate [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Wilson [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘N’
F/Engineer: F/O Phillips – Navigator: F/O Scott – W/Operator: F/O Allen – A/G M.U.: F/S Vaughan – Air Bomber: F/O Finlay – A/G Rear: F/L Chandler [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Clayton [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘H’
F/Engineer: F/O Hill – Navigator: F/O Buttle – W/Operator: F/O Chalmers – A/G M.U.: F/S Sharp – Air Bomber: F/O Watson – A/G Rear: F/S Hume [underlined] bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Ross [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘Z’
F/Engineer: F/O Girling – Navigator: F/O Davies – W/Operator: F/S Hickson – A/G M.U.: F/O Platt – Air Bomber: W/O McClellan – A/G Rear: F/L Scott-Kiddie [underlined Bomb Load: [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.
[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Knights [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘A’
F/Engineer: P/O Twells – Navigator: F/O Rhude – W/Operator: F/O Hosie – A/G M.U.: F/S Pengelly – Air Bomber: P/O Bell – A/G Rear: F/S Derham [underlined] Bomb Load: [/underlined]
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[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] Lt. Knilans [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘R’
F/Engineer: P/O Ryall – Navigator: P/O Geller – W/Operator: F/O Knell – A/G M.U.: Sgt. Crosby – Air Bomber: F/O Rogers – A/G Rear: P/O Learmouth [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Kell [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘P’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Clark – Navigator: P/O Hager – W/Operator: P/O Evans – A/G M.U.: P/O Snell – Air Bomber: F/O Morieson – A/G Rear: F/O Chapman – F/O Lee [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Willsher [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘T’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Hurdiss – Navigator: F/O Playford – W/Operator: P/O Bell – A/G M.U.: F/S Salter – Air Bomber: P/O Everett – A/G Rear: F/O Witherick [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Stout [underlined] A/C Letter [/underlined] ‘Y’
F/Engineer: P/O Gurney – Navigator: F/O Ingleby – W/Operator: F/S Nuttall – A/G M.U.: P/O C-Underwood – Air Bomber: F/O Rupert – A/G Rear: W/O Smith [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Duffy [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘C’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Benting – Navigator: F/O Bell – W/Operator: F/O Pearce – A/G M.U.: F/S McLean – Air Bomber: F/O Woods – A/G Rear: P/O Evans [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.
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[underlined] CREWS: [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Standford [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘F’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Judson – Navigator: P/O Butler – W/Operator: W/O Jordan – A/G M.U.: F/S Griffiths – Air Bomber: W/O Clarke – A/G Rear: P/O Jewell [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Cheney [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘V’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Rosher – Navigator: P/O Welch – W/Operator: F/S Pool – A/G M.U.: F/S McRostie – Air Bomber: F/S Curtis – A/G Rear: F/S Wait [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Poore [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘O’
F/Engineer: F/S Johnson – Navigator: F/O Roberts – W/Operator: F/S Thompson – A/G M.U.: F/S Tookey – Air Bomber: F/O Elsey – A/G Rear: F/S Castleman [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/L Edward [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘L’
F/Engineer: F/O King – Navigator: F/O Pritchard – W/Operator: F/S Hobbs – A/G M.U.: P/O Johnston – Air Bomber: F/S Brook – A/G Rear: F/S Isherwood [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/l Fearn [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘X’
F/Engineer: P/O Davies – Navigator: F/S Johnson - W/Operator: F/S Baker – A/G M.U.: F/S W-Williams – Air Bomber: F/O Chadwick – A/G Rear: W/O Kemp [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.
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[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Saunders [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘P’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Nutley – Navigator: F/S Barron – W/Operator: Sgt. Ward – A/G M.U.: Sgt. Machin – Air Bomber: W/O Allen – A/G Rear: Sgt. Briars [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,0000 G.P. 6 x 7” Clusters

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/l Reid [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘S’
F/Engineer: F/S Stewart – Navigator: F/O Peltier – W/Operator: F/O Luker – A/G M.U.: F/S Holt – Air Bomber: P/O Rolton – A/G Rear: W/O Hutton [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb.

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] P/O Castagnola [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘O’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Henderson – Navigator: F/O Gorringe – W/Operator: Sgt. Eaves – A/G M.U.: Sgt. Craig – Air Bomber: Sgt. Evans – A/G Rear Sgt. Ronald [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,000 G.P. 6 x 7” Clusters

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] P/O Ross [underlined] A/C Letter: ‘U’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Walter – Navigator: F/O O’Brien – W/Operator: Sgt. Jenkinson – A/G M.U.: Sgt. King – Air Bomber: F/S Tilby – A/G Rear: Sgt. McKellar [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,000 G.P. 6 x 7” Clusters

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] P/O Carey [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘K’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Cherrington – Navigator: F/S Kerr – W/Operator: Sgt. Young - A/G M.U.: Sgt. Fowle – Air Bomber: W/O McLennan – A/G Rear: F/S Price [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,000 G.P. 6 x 7” Clusters
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[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Hamilton [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘G’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Rooke – Navigator: F/S Jackson – W/Operator: Sgt. Thompson – A/G M.U.: F/S Dadge – Air Bomber: F/O Duck – A/G Rear: F/S Hamilton [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 1 x 14,000lb

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] F/O Levy [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘E’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Groom – Navigator: F/O Fox – W/Operator: Sgt. McGuire – A/G M.U.: Sgt. McNally – Air Bomber: F/O Atkinson – A/G Rear: Sgt. Thomas [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,000 G. P. 6 x 7” Clusters

[underlined] CAPTAIN: [/underlined] P/O Watts [underlined] A/C Letter: [/underlined] ‘N’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Luck – Navigator: F/S Housden – W/Operator: Sgt. Cooper – A/G M.U.: Sgt. Matthews – Air Bomber: F/S McKay – A/G Rear: P/O Heggie [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined] 8 x 1,000lb G.P. 6 x 7” Clusters



“Crew list for Saumur tunnel operation,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 27, 2024,

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