Interpretation report - Saumur tunnel - provisional statement of damage



Interpretation report - Saumur tunnel - provisional statement of damage


Concentration of craters at south end of target area, severe damage to tracks and embankment. Notes direct hit in roof of tunnel a few feet from south entrance and lists six other areas of damage.

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[underlined] INTERPRETATION REPORT. [/underlined]

[underlined] SAUMUR (TUNNEL). [/underlined]

[underlined] PROVISIONAL STATEMENT OF DAMAGE. [/underlined]

The greatest concentration of craters lies to the Southern end of the target area, where severe damage has been done to tracks and embankment. One hit is seen on the tunnel at the extreme South end.
The following items of damage are seen.
1. Direct hit on roof of tunnel only a few feet from S. entrance.
2. All tracks cut at a distance of approx.. 100 yds. from S. entrance.
3. Near miss to road/rail intersection 185 yds. from S. entrance, cutting all tracks and blocking the road with debris.
4. Crater in road approx.. 150 yds. West of S. entrance.
5. 17 craters within a radius of 220 yds. of S. entrance destroying or damaging several small buildings.
6. Two direct hits on buildings approx.. 50 yds. West of the N. entrance.
7. Large crater blocking road approx.. 180 yds. East of N. entrance.



“Interpretation report - Saumur tunnel - provisional statement of damage,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 12, 2024,

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