Cinci Ani de Minciunu Naziste



Cinci Ani de Minciunu Naziste


Five years of Nazi lying [Romanian]. A propaganda leaflet dropped on Romania by the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force. It includes a list of statements made by senior Nazis. On the reverse is a list of Allied radio stations broadcasting to Romania.

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One double-sided printed leaflet


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Five years of Nazi lies
Have you listened to the German Broadcasts?
Do you remember…..
England is our last remaining enemy. England has no choice but to capitulate and vanish. Goebbels 26 October 1940
US armament cannot be produced in sufficient quantities to be really useful and it cannot be transported intact over the ocean to England. Radio Breslau 26 May 1941
For the first time in their history, peoples in the Balkans can look with calm and trust to a future of security and economic cooperation. Radio Danube 10 May 1941
The Soviet Army’s ability to resist has been completely crushed. Communique of the German High Commandment 3 July 1941
The German soldier is a conqueror no matter where he strikes. German soldiers are now stronger and much better prepared. The German troops and the German command are clearly superior compared with the soviets. Radio Berlin in Broadcast for Germany 18 May 1942
We have assaulted Stalingrad and we will win, I can guarantee (Hitler 30 September 1942)
Along the River Nistru, Europe will be very well defended like any other corner of this continent. Ribbentrop 6 April 1944
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The war has entered a decisive phase
Every hour brings vital news for Romania
Listen to THE TRUTH
Hour Wavelength Broadcast
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Five years of Nazi Lies have brought Romania war and disaster.
Romania cannot be saved but with reality, so…….
Listen to THE TRUTH
Launched by British Royal Air Force and US Air Force




Great Britain. Royal Air Force and United States. United States Army Air Force, “Cinci Ani de Minciunu Naziste,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 25, 2022,

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