Citation for Distinguished Flying Medal for three members of 226 Squadron



Citation for Distinguished Flying Medal for three members of 226 Squadron


Sergeant J K Henson, Flight Sergeant A H D Batty and Sergeant L S Coleman all of 226 Squadron were awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for the action around a daylight attack on Merville airfield.

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The following is the citation regarding the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal to three non-commissioned officers whose team-work, as well as courage and coolness, receives specific commendation :
Sgt. J. K. Henson, R.A.F.V.R., No, 226 Sqn.
Fit. Sgt. A. H. D. Batty, No. 226 Sqn.
Sgt. L. S. Colman, No. 226 Sqn.
Sgt. Henson, Flt. Sgt. Batty and Sgt. Colman were pilot airgunner and observer respectively of an aircraft which participated in an attack on Merville aerodrome in daylight. The aircraft was attacked by three enemy fighters, and Sgt. Henson was wounded in the jaw. Sgt. Colman, who saw this, ·waited to release his bombs as they flew over the target, then tended his wounded pilot, who was bleeding considerably.
Sgt. Colman managed to reduce this by pressing the artery. Meanwhile the aircraft was subjected to another attack by four enemy fighters, the last of which, on receiving an accurate burst from Fit.
Sgt. Batty, broke up in the air. With great coolness he continued to fire accurately into each fighter as it attacked. Despite his wound, Sgt. Henson, greatly assisted by Sgt. Colman, succeeded in reaching one of our aerodromes, where he landed safely. The coolness, courage and team-work of these three airmen were outstanding.



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