Air Observer school instruments examination



Air Observer school instruments examination


paper 1. Six questions concerning altimeters




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[underlined] AIR OBSERVER SCHOOL. [/underlined]
[underlined] INSTRUMENTS [/underlined] - [underlined PAPER 1. [/underlined] [underlined] (Correction of altimeter.) [/underlined]
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1. You are flying to a station 300 miles away. The altimeter reads zero at your point of departure where the barometer pressure is 984 mb, height 120 feet above M.S.L. The pressure at your destination is 1022 mb. Halfway you have to fly at 5000 ft. above M.S.L. to clear high ground. What must your altimeter read?
2. Your altimeter was set at zero at your starting point, 510 ft. above S.L. where the pressure (corrected to M.S.L.) was 962 mb. your destination is at sea level and when you land your altimeter also shows zero. What is the pressure there ?
3. You set your altimeter to zero when the S.L. pressure is 1000 mb. Later you receive a weather report which states that the M.S.L. pressure at your present position is 974 mb. Your altimeter reads 5000 ft. and the ground at that point is 3000 ft. What height are you above the ground ?
4. The height of Manchester Airport is 300 ft. and the actual pressure is 995 mb. The altimeter reads 300 ft. The M.S.L. pressure at your destination is 980 mb. and the height of your destination is 800 ft. What will the altimeter read on landing ?
5. Carlisle is 300 ft. above M.S.L. and Farnwell is 720 ft above M.S.L. You read the barometer at C. and it is 995 mb. The M.S.L. barometer reading at in the weather report at F. is 975 mb. Your altimeter reads 300 ft. at C. What will it read when you land ?
6. Plymouth airport is 420 ft. above S.L. and your destination is at sea level. The M.S.L. pressure at P. is 998 mb. and when you take off the altimeter reds zero. The M.S.L. pressure at destination is 980 mb. What will the altimeter read when you land ?

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