Mary and Joe, Tess and John at Church Road, Joe at Bishops Court



Mary and Joe, Tess and John at Church Road, Joe at Bishops Court


Top left a photograph of a boy and a girl standing behind sitting boy and girl. The boy in front is holding a cane. In the background the window of a house. Captioned 'Mary and Joe, Tess and John at Church Road'. Top right a head and shoulders portrait of a boy wearing school blazer, Captioned 'Joe at Bishops Court. Text below describes Joe as having to change from trainee pilot to navigator due to a heart defect, qualifying on June 15 1943, and other personal information.

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One scrapbook page with two b/w photographs and handwritten text


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[underlined] Mary and Joe Tess and John at Church Road [/underlined] [underlined] Joe at Bishops Court [/underlined]

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On 17th June 1942 Joe became a trainee pilot but due to a heart defect he was accepted as a trainee navigator on November 11th 1942. qualifying on June 15th 1943.
Joe keept [sic]his kit in perfect order, he showed us where he had german notes sewn into his belt seams. He enjoyed most home made apple pie with crumbly cheese. He learnt to speak a little german, which sadly he was never able to use.
His pet cat “Burty” went with him on all operations.


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