No. 10 Squadron operational crew list for 22 Jan. 1945



No. 10 Squadron operational crew list for 22 Jan. 1945


Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 22 January 1945.



Temporal Coverage



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MMcClementsR1796607-151021-030003, MMcClementsR1796607-151021-030004



[Underlined] No. 10 Squadron – Operational Crew List for 22nd Jan. 1945 [\underlined]

[Underlined] MZ413 ‘B’ [\underlined]
153042 FO. C.P. Snith. Capt.
156760 FO. G. Lucas. Nav.
154245 FO. H. Jeffs. A/B
1591444 Sgt. Davis. J. W/O
1235901 Sgt. Potton. M. M/U
3040628 Sgt. Burrill. K. F/E
1594680 Sgt. Bransby. J. T/G

[Underlined] MZ751 ‘J’ [\underlined]
186942 FO. B. Davies. Capt.
A431956 FS. Young. J.D. Nav.
A448279 FS. Just. F. A/B
A429594 FS. Malke. J. W/O
1899002 Sgt. Whitehead. A. M/U
1391121 Sgt. Blackman. S. F/E
1898230 Sgt. Weaver. L.J. T/G

[Underlined] [Deleted letters] NR245 ‘H’ [\underlined]
68127 FL. Ballantine. F. Cpt.
1604183 Sg. Ballard. R. Nav.
NZ427301 FO. Matheson. A/B
1208537 Sgt. Buttery. C. W/O
[Deleted name]
3000063 Sgt. Ransome. F/E
1592027 Sgt. Abbott. J. T/G
798794 FS. Caines. G. M/U

[Underlined] NP994 ‘K’ [\underlined]
J35338 FO. Jones. F.S. Capt.
R180264 FS. Turner. H.S. Nav.
R180136 FS. Mason. L.W. A/B
R152305 FS. Latner. D. W/O
R254175 FS. Bressler. L. M/U
3021621 Sgt. Fowler. A.F. F/E
R210774 FS. Gam. A. T/G

[Underlined] NA228 ‘D’ [\underlined]
J27190 FL. L. Murphy. Capt.
J36383 FO. O. Schoneck. Nv.
J35805 FO. W. Conlin. A/B
1602806 Sgt. Adams. S. W/O
605564 FS. Bynoe. E. M/U
1823889 Sgt. [indecipherable name] F. F/E
1595913 Sgt. Pepper. D. T/G
142581 FO. Bastard. L. 2ndP.

[Underlined] MZ919 ‘L’ [\underlined]
A426299 FL. J. Bridgett. Cpt.
151611 FO. Rose. F. Nav.
1323355 FS. Warren. G. A/B
141696 FO. Biggs. J.D. W/O
A421126 WO. Rochford. K. M/U
1823553 Sgt. Davidson. H. F/E
2220056 Sgt. Brown. K.D. T/G

[Underlined] MZ948 ‘E’ (Non Y) [\underlined]
179566 FO. F.D. Moss. Capt.
1394974 FS. Davenport. Nav.
R151294 WO. Webster L. A/B
1369742 FS. Fowler R. W/O
1594868 FS. Fearnley. M/U
[Deleted Line]
1594027 FS. Hodgson. S. T/G
1890136 Sgt. Tasker. H. F/E
146619 FO. Haselock. G. M/Undr.

[Underlined] NK[indecipherable number] ‘C’ (Non Y) [\underlined]
28258 W/C U.Y. Shannon.
162201 FO. Watson. S. Nav.
924285 FS. Camfield. R. A/B
R173525 WO. Senderoff. A. [missing letter]
1880643 Sgt. Yates. R. M/[missing letter]
54345 FO. Temperley. N. F/[missing letter]
1595023 Sgt. Graham. N. T/G

[Underlined] NA195 ‘F’ [\underlined]
A423357 FO. J. Tudberry. Cpt.
1388085 Sgt. Baker. A.E. Nv.
1602722 Sgt. Brown. D. A/B
A426947 FS. Nattrass. O. W/O
1897840 Sgt. Shotter. L. M/U
1825702 Sgt. Brown. J. F/E
1258556 Sgt. Rumble. A. T/G
A424793 PO. E. O’Ryan. 2nd P.

[Underlined] N [missing letters/numbers] ‘N’ [\underlined]
104586 FL. A.D. Stephens. Cpt.
591740 FS. Rees. K. Nav.
1601365 Sgt. Robson. B. A/B
NZ414909 FO. Maria. H.C. W/O
R132611 WO. Roberts. C. M/U
2218869 Sgt. Elliott. T. F/E
54273 FO. Heap. R.E. T/G

[Underlined] MZ315 ‘G’ [\underlined]
102120 FL. G.G. Scott. Cpt.
146299 FO. Drury. R. Nav.
113918 SL. G. Bond. A/B
995060 WO. Hamilton. A. W/O
177171 PO. Marshall. J. M/U
1595611 Sgt. Hurst. J. F/E
1608775 FS. Sharley. T. T/G

[Underlined] RG254 ‘O’ [\underlined]
135867 SL. W. Allan. Capt.
156440 FL. Newham. D.F. Nav.
188912 PO. Payne. R.V. A/B
187215 PO. Hobson. J. W/O
184154 PO. Collins. F. M/U
188198 PO. Gilling. R. F/E
183859 PO. Munnoch. J. T/G
161387 FO. Bladen. F.R. 2nd Pilot.

[Underlined] [deleted letters] NR175 ‘T’ [\underlined]
104582 SL. F.O. Janes. Cpt.
185390 PO. J. Meadows. Nav.
153495 FO. Ireland. J. A/B
187791 PO. Williams. J. W/O
184143 PO. Griffiths. G. M/U
178230 PO. Hardman. J. F/E
1305889 FS. Eastwood. H. T/G

[Underlined] MZ433 ‘P’ [\underlined]
62287 FO. Dade. J. Capt.
1511966 Sgt. Noble. P.H. Nav.
154373 FO. Thompson. F.N. A/B
168790 PO. Dennick. A. W/Op
538349 Sgt. Malone. W. M/U
1569078 Sgt. Russell. J. F/E
[Deleted name] T/G
R25196 [missing number] Sgt. Woolridge. A.R. T/G

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[Underlined] Crew List for 22/1/45 Continued [\underlined] / . . . . .

[Underlined] NP993 ‘Q’ [\underlined]
A417978 FO. Smith. P. Capt.
1800067 Sgt. Earl. D.J. Nav.
1670526 FS. Brown. J. A/B
A427178 FS. Witnish. K. W/O
2210377 Sgt. Houghton. J. M/U
1825951 Sgt. Johnstone. W. F/E
1880437 Sgt. King. D. T/G

[Underlined] MZ793 ‘X’ [\underlined]
137810 FO. J. Grayshan. Capt.
1800664 FS. Berry. A.J. Nav.
187883 PO. Chaderton. S. A/B
1811552 FS. Andrews. P. W/Op
1579147 FS. Mills. H.L. M/U
2205669 Sgt. Maddock/Lyon. R. F/E
1090310 FS. Petrie. J. T/G

[Underlined] MZ746 ‘S’ (Non Y) [\underlined]
138847 FO. E.E.H. Cook. Cpt.
1800813 FS. Gibson. D. Nav.
1585932 Sgt. Lamb. A/B
1802361 FS. Dade. A.W. W/O
1801347 FS. Dix. R.A. M/U
1594924 Sgt. Murray. G. F/E
1580529 FS. Baker. A.J. T/G

[Underlined] RG345 ‘Y’ [\underlined]
170132 FO. Halstead. R.G. Capt.
A429666 FO. Muntz. J.B. Nav.
702584 FS. McMahon. A/B
169314 FO. Houghton. E. W/Op
962522 Sgt. Kilroy. J. M/U
1592913 Sgt. Evans. R. F/E
1046295 Sgt. Fryer. R. T/G

[Underlined] MZ430 ‘V’ [\underlined]
J27189 FL. R. Grant. Capt.
J92749 PO. Holstead. C. Nv.
645731 Sgt. Hodkinson. A/B
1522843 FS. Melvin. J. W/O
1796607 F.S. McClements. M/U
1869665 Sgt. Kirrage. L. F/E
638543 Sgt. Webb. R.A. T/G

[Underlined] NR189 ‘Z’ [\underlined]
NZ414349 FO. J.A. Scott. Cpt.
A417609 FO. Warnes. J.F. Nv.
153807 FO. Hesketh. E.E. A/B
A429400 FO. Butcher. M.W. W/Op
1852471 Sgt. Moore. P.M. M/U
1897010 Sgt. Bulpett. G. F/E
1383478 Sgt. Perry. E.R. T/G

[Underlined] NA162 ‘W’ [\underlined]
161995 FO. Hurrell. Capt.
1297188 Sgt. Nickels. Nav.
1800994 Sgt. Summerfield. A/B
1600106 Sgt. Webb. W/Op
[Deleted line]
1811202 Sgt. Stokes. F/E
[Deleted line]
169866 FO. Larkins. A. M/U
1576086 Sgt. Hyslop. T/G

[Underlined] LK753 ‘C’ (Non [inserted] Q [\inserted]
A24376 FO. Thorne. R. Capt.
1604970 Sgt. Bunnell. F. Nv.
A424095 PO. Simson. J. A/B
A422280 WO. Marks, R. W/O
1738074 Sgt. Watford. W. M/
1592222 Sgt. McHugh. H. F/E
2221890 Sgt. McDonagh. W. T

[Signature] F/O
for Wing Commander, Commanding,
[Underlined] No. 10 Squadron. RAF. [\underlined]

Briefing: - W/C Shannon
Nav: - F/L Newham
A/B8s: - F/L Furrow
Signals: - F/L Newell
F/E’s: - F/L Hampson
Gunners: - F/L Hodson

De-Briefing: - SL Lomax & FO Beaman
FL Farrow
FO Temperley
FO Haselock

Security Officer: - F/O BOLTON (Air Bomber)

Window Crew: - F/O Bastard’s crew less Captain and Air Bomber



“No. 10 Squadron operational crew list for 22 Jan. 1945,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024,

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