Bomb aimers briefing 4 November 1944 - Dortmund Ems Canal



Bomb aimers briefing 4 November 1944 - Dortmund Ems Canal


Shows two bomb loads for operation. Includes preselection and false height as well as other settings. Mentions Window, bombing heights, colour film, camera settings, preset wind speed and direction as well as briefing times. On the reverse marking plan and times, rules for controller to scrub attack, backup plans in event of cloud. Weight calculations at the bottom.



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Two sides form document partially filled in front and handwritten on reverse


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DATE [deleted] 3 [/deleted] 4-11-44

[Table of bomb loads]

PETROL. 1250 1250

DISTRIBUTOR 15 yds .15 .15

T.V. 1600 1385

BOMB WEIGHT [deleted] 13,546 13,845 [/deleted] 14,588 14910

[Calculations of All Up Weight]

[Table of Preselect] [underlined] Basic Delay NIL. [/underlined]

[Table of aircraft heights]

TIME OFF 1720 E.T.R. 2130 ZERO. 1930 H – H+12.

[Underlined] WINDOWS. [/underlined] [deleted] 5°E to Δ [/deleted] 8 heavy 17 light: Coast to coast. EFFORT. 165+

[Underlined] TIME TO TARGET. TARGET A.U.W. [/underlined] 62,500lbs [underlined] TARGET HEIGHT. [/underlined] 165’

[Underlined] BOMBING HEIGHTS. [/underlined] 10/13,000’ [underlined] BOMBING HEADING. [/underlined] Track 070

COLOUR FILM: - Camera Setting – up to 24 secs.

PRESET W S & D – H-5.

[Boxed] Nav. 1415
Spec 1445
Main 1515 [/boxed]

[Page break]

A.PT – [underlined] Red [/underlined] T.I. [Underlined] Yellow [underlined] TI. Scrub (only TI’s 400x out. or completely wide)

H-11 [[underlined] Green [/underlined] Proximity T.I. (blind markers)

H-9 Flares

H-7 Visual Flares

H-5 Flares

Mosq. Red. T.I. If accurate backed up Red T.I.
If 1st innaccurate [sic] scrubbed with Yellow TI & then re-marked.

Red [boxed] W [/boxed] Green stars means more illumination for the Mosq. markers.

If APT [underlined] not [/underlined] marked with Red TI. controller is to scrub the attack & order bombs to be brought back.

If cloud obscures Δ when main force arrive controller may [deleted] orbit [/deleted] order one orbit. After returning from the orbit, if cloud still obscures the attack will be cancelled.

Controller will bring force down if necessary.

Good vis. Strong breeze Good for bombing. Gaps in cloud – broken strato-cu.

Nobody to be on target after H+12.

4000’ minimum bombing height.

NB/ Ignore [boxed] W [/boxed] Red/Green stars.

If scrubbed bring load back – do not bomb anywhere although East of bomb line.

Spilsby – H+ [deleted] 5 [/deleted] 3 - H+ [deleted] 8 [/deleted] 6

STOP BMG: Punch drunk
ABAN: Water Polo.

“Z” Ht – 10-10 1/2



“Bomb aimers briefing 4 November 1944 - Dortmund Ems Canal,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 30, 2023,

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