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Two actors with 'bald' wigs and moustaches are seated. Lying against them are two men dressed as women leaning in a dramatic pose. Behind is washing and a laundry.

One actor on his knee beside a man dressed in flannels and jacket. They are watched by a man dressed as a woman. They are in a bedroom with a bed and a painted backdrop of a wallpaper and a dressing table with a large alarm clock.

Six of the actors are dressed in old Chinese costumes. One man is dressed as a woman in conventional long dress. The backdrop is of Chinese appearance.

One man on his knee beside a man dressed as a Chinese woman. They are holding hands. The female character holds a fan in her other hand. The backdrop is of a Chinese building.

Seven men dressed as women dancing on the stage with outsize bloomers. Three men are standing at the back beside a person seated on a ceremonial chair.

One man dressed as a woman is kneeling, offering a tray to two actors playing Chinese men. Another man dressed as a woman is standing behind the tray. On the right of the stage four actors are standing watching. The set is a laundry with a washing…

One dancer kneeling in the centre, surrounded by a line of ten dancers. All are men dressed as women wearing hats, bras and pants.

Two actors holding hands in centre stage. The emperor seated on one side. They are watched eleven members of the cast.

A chorus line of 12 men dressed as women. In the centre a man in a cravat, a man dressed as a Chinese woman and a man in uniform. Behind is a painted backdrop with Chinese buildings.

A line up of 19 members of the cast. Chorus girls of men dressed as women. The backdrop is of Chinese buildings. There are three flags with Chinese writing hanging from the rafters.

Two men and a man dressed as a woman in a long dress. They are in a bedroom. One man is wringing his hands. The backdrop has painted wallpaper, a clock, a door and two paintings on the wall.

Ten men dressed as female dancers are posing on the stage. Four are kneeling, three are tiered behind, two are hand standing at the side and one is standing at the side. They are dressed hats, bras and pants with a modesty garment with Chinese…

Large group of actors. In the centre on his throne is the seated Emperor. Several men dressed as women are playing chorus girls wearing hats, bras and pants.

Three actors kneeling and four standing. There are several men dressed as women. One man is wearing a dark suit and bow tie. The others are wearing Chinese conical hats.

Grand Christmas Panto poster, Stalag Luft 3. 1942. It features a magic lamp, drawings of the cast with their names, a reference to 'The Cosmo Politan Girls' with three dancing girls. Produced by Rolan Evans. Book by R.D.I. Mogg. Music & Lyrics by…

A man standing holding a clarinet with a second man seated behind a grand piano.

A conductor stands on a podium directing the orchestra. They are seated on stage with a variety of instruments

A man in dinner jacket and bow tie is seated beside a grand piano on the stage.

The conductor and orchestra are facing the camera. Two airmen are standing on the right of the photograph.

A violinist is standing on the stage and behind him the pianist seated behind a grand piano.

The conductor is dressed in dark suit with a buttonhole. Behind him a pianist is seated at a grand piano.

Pianist dressed in dark suit is playing a grand piano on the stage.

Group ,of men launching the steam boat on a pond. Two yachts are sailing on the pond. Spectators are standing and seated round the pond.

In the corner of the pond Bristow is working on his steam boat. He is watched by several spectators.

The steam boat is in deep water with Bristow following it. Only his shoulders and head are above water.
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