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High jumper clears the bar, watched by an official.

A group of six runners. On the right are a small group of spectators but on the left the main group of spectators are seated and standing on the sidelines and on the roofs of two huts.

Discus thrower and discus in the air. He is in a marked circle and is watched by an official, notepad in hand. Two officials are watching the landing spot of the discus. On the left is a small group of spectators. In the distance are many spectators…

Four long distance walkers passing a couple of officials, one in airman's uniform. At the side are spectators sitting and standing on the sidelines and on the roof of a hut.

Four men seated at a table. Eleven other men positioned around. On the wall behind is a board with the message 'Honest Winnie' and an unclear list. On the hut wall is written 'Cigarettes or Camp Money Min 10 Cigs'.

Ball dropping into the basketball net, watched by three players and four spectators. In the background are the men's huts.

Thirteen men seated on a mound of sand. One man is wearing a sergeant's uniform. One man has a pipe in his mouth. Behind are their huts.

Three men facing the camera. The first has a cap, shirt and braces, the second a sun shade, is topless and has a pipe. The third is looking loosely in the direction of the camera. Other spectators are in the background.

The men, mostly topless are standing behind the line. Behind on the roof a hut are two seated men.

Runner holding a baton breaking the tape at the end of the race. At the side and on the roof of a hut are spectators seated and standing.

Athlete shaking hands with Group Captain. Behind is the table of prizes and other spectators.

Four actors dressed in period costume, one dressed as a woman. They are flanked by two airmen. Behind them on the stage is a band sitting behind music stands. There is a painted backdrop of a city scene.

14 musicians sitting and standing behind music stands. There is a grand piano and a conductor. Behind there is a painted backdrop of a city scene

A band of musicians sitting behind music stands with 'JF' on the front. The conductor leads at the side. The musicians are playing saxophones, a piano, double bass, trumpets, drums and other instruments

Two actors fighting with swords watched by a man dressed as a woman. The band is playing behind them, led by their conductor. The backdrop is a painted city scene.

One actor dressed in a white dinner jacket, bow tie and glasses is holding a bottle of wine. The second actor is wearing a night shirt and night cap and is leaning towards the first actor.

14 men arranged in two rows on stage. The front row of seven men is seated and at each end is an airman. The rest of the cast are wearing period costume, dinner jackets and bow ties and suits. One man is dressed as a butler. Behind is a painted…

An actor dressed in a dark suit is standing by a painting of a woman holding a small child. On the backdrop is a fireplace with a clock on the mantelpiece.

Two airmen identified in the title as producer and writer of the play are seated on the set. One airman has pilot wings, the other has an unidentified brevet.

A poster for the play "Bums on Broadway". The poster is in art deco style and features a man wearing a cravat and a woman dressed in a swim suit. She is holding an out of scale pen and quill. Captions read 'FMP', 'Play by Nick Martin', 'Music by Les…

Two actors dressed as civilians on either side of a tall uniformed man. He is wearing a double breasted jacket, shirt tie and hat. He has three medals.

A couple including a man dressed as a woman wearing a long dress and a fur top standing on the stage. He is wearing a jacket, flannels, shirt and tie. Behind is a painted backdrop of a balustrade and buildings

Three actors in dark suits and bow ties. Two men dresses similarly in loose trousers and cossack tops. One is holding an accordion and the other a whip. On stage is a piano and a set of drums. Behind is a painted ornamental balustrade and city scene.…

Musicians playing a piano. an oboe, a double bass, drums, guitar and trumpet, on stage. Behind is the painted backdrop of an ornamental balustrade and a city scene.

Nine actors and four musicians. The actors are seated on stage and are wearing wide brimmed, conical hats. The musicians are playing guitars, a violin and a lute.
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