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  • Collection: Paine, Geoff. Album

Sketch map of Geoff's journey from Gwello in Southern Rhodesia to Liverpool between 6 and 26 October 1945.

First post card captioned 'Main Street, Jamestown, St Helena'.
Second captioned 'Hutts Gate, leading to Longwood, St Helena'.
Third captioned 'View showing the ridges and Diana's Peak, St Helena'.

Photographs showing part of the ship's side and waves.

Album page with four small photographs, first captioned 'Entering Freetown Harbour, Sierra Leone'.
Second 'Water boat Freetown'.
Third 'Natives diving for 'Glasgow Tanners' Freetown'.
Fourth 'Bartering with the natives of Freetown'.

Fur small photographs, first and second show small town from the sea, captioned ' Jamestown St Helena'.
Third and fourth showing ships side with small boats, captioned 'Bartering with the people of St Helena'.

Photograph showing large group of individuals seated around piano, ships lifeboat in background. captioned 'Piano recital on boat deck'.

Photograph showing area crowded with lounging individuals, captioned 'Sunbathing on the line 'E' Deck'.

Photograph showing boxing ring and spectators, ships lifeboat in the background. captioned 'Boxing on "E" deck square'.


Three photographs, first of coastline from the sea, captioned 'Leaving Cape town'.
Second of a port from the sea, captioned 'Capetown harbour'.
Third with three individuals, head and shoulders looking towards shoreline from the sea, captioned…

Photograph showing coastline from the sea, ships lifeboat in foreground, captioned 'Leaving Cape Town 6am 6-10-45.

Photograph showing military personnel boarding a ship, captioned 'Going aboard at Cape Town',

A ship alongside quay, captioned 'PSNC Reino del Pacifico our transport home. via Cape Town, St Helena, Freetown, Liverpool , 6-10-45 to 24-10-45'.

Photograph of steam ship with coastline in background, quayside in foreground, captioned 'Mail vessel leaving Cape Town'.

Photograph of urban street scene, captioned 'Adderly Street, Capetown'.

Photograph with Cape Town in the distance, three riders on horseback in foreground, captioned 'Capetown from Signal Hill'.

Photograph of traffic roundabout with statue on a plinth, Table Mountain in the background, captioned 'Table Mountain, Capetown'.

Photograph, cattle in foreground with lake and Table Mountain in background, captioned 'Table Mountain from Milnerton, Capetown'.

Photograph with beach and the sea in foreground, Table Mountain in the background, captioned 'Table Mountain Cape'.

Album page, photograph of Cape Town from above, cables in foreground, captioned 'Cape Town from the Cableway', two leaves taped to page, annotated 'Silver Leaves from Table Mountain'.

Photograph of rolling hills, image of memorial superimposed, captioned 'Shangani Memorial, Matoppos', annotated 'Lion Country'.


First captioned 'From Table Mountain Cape town'.
Second captioned 'Mountain behind camp 3,800''.
Third captioned ' From Table Mountain'.
Fourth 'Camps Bay from Table Mountain'.
Fifth of two individuals in uniform standing in long grass,…

First captioned 'In the mountains behind Cape Town'.
Second showing an individual standing on a cliff edge, captioned 'Drop off 800' behind, baboons in forest below, mountains behind ''Retreat' Camp cape peninsula'.
Third captioned 'Somewhere in…

First captioned 'Approaching Hex river valley pass on way to Cape Town Sept 1945'.
Second captioned 'Taken from rear of the train near Hex river pass'. Third captioned 'South African engine'.
Fourth showing urban street scene captioned 'Mafeking,…

Six b/w photographs, first captioned 'Dining Car on way down to Cape Town'.
Second showing station stop board for Laingsburg captioned, 'Speaks for itself'.
Third captioned 'South African engine'.
Fourth captioned 'Water hole in Karoo desert…

Tree photographs first captioned 'Swimming pool S.Rhodesia'.
Second captioned 'World View, Rhodes' Grave , Matobo'.
Third is captioned 'Shangani Monument, Matopos'.
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