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Cascades of water into the gorge.

Harry sitting on the edge of the gorge opposite the cascade of water.


A panoramic view of the hotel and grounds. The hotel has two stories under a pitched tile roof. The lower half of the windows have open shutters and there are single storey buildings adjoining with am open colonnade showing doors beyond. There are…

Two men and two women swimming in the hotel pool. On the reverse 'John in the swimming pool of the Fall Hotel John Harry and the two girls'.

Two women wearing swimming costumes and two men in trunks by a swimming pool. The pool has a high wall to one side with arched entrances to a curtained area. The other sides are open onto trees. John is standing second right. On the reverse 'The 2…


A pool with a high wall to one side and open on another. There are two people in the pool with two women, wearing day dresses, standing to one side and three young men in shorts on the other side. The pool is set in gardens with trees and a lawned…

The two storey hotel with a tiled roof, a portico entrance and a balustrade at first floor level. The ground floor windows have shutters and there are palm trees and a pond in the formal front garden at the front.

Cascades of water falling into a gorge

A sign for the falls, describing its height above sea level and distances to Cape Town, Beira and Bulawayo.

Thirty three bareheaded men in uniform arranged in three rows; one row sitting with two rows standing behind. Four of the men are wearing armbands on their left sleeves. John is in the front row, fifth from the left. On reserve 'S. Rhodesia 12-1-43…

A man wearing a headdress incorporating feathers and horns stands alongside a two wheeled cart in a park. There are a number of other carts and uniformed men beyond the carts and multi storey buildings are in the background.

Air-to-air view of Airspeed AS 10 Oxford Mk.1 over a flat rural landscape with fields and woodland.


John, standing at the centre of a group of seven men in swimming trunks and towel turbans. On reverse 'At the swimming pool. You can see Pat, Jim and myself 1st 2nd 3rd from the right'.

Eight men wearing swimming trunks with trees beyond. John is second right at the back. On the reverse 'At the swimming pool the whole of the gang is here. Can you spot 'ern' '.

John, wearing desert uniform, with shorts and shirt and tie, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel steps. On reverse is 'Yours truly on Round House steps'.


Nine uniformed men, all wearing safari pith helmets, sat in and on an open topped car. There is a post and wire fence alongside and there are wires on poles beyond.

John, wearing long trousered uniform, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel. On the reverse 'At the Round House'.


Four uniformed men sat around a round table having tea. John is sat on the far left. On the reverse 'Tea at Matopos after mending puncture. Part of the lake can be seen in the background'.


A view of the front of the hotel with a dark sky and bushes in the foreground. On the reverse 'The Round House Hotel which I have talked a lot about'.

John sitting outside a grass walled building. One is annotated 'To mother and father with fondest love John'.


Four men wearing towels as turbans with one shrouded in a sheet. Two are holding knives pointed at one man kneeling in front. The groups is outside a single storey corrugated roofed building with canvas openings.

John, dressed in desert uniform with short and rolled up sleeves. He is leaning on an oil barrel outside a grassed walled building with a rolled up canvas doorway. On the reverse 'This was taken outside my old hut'.

A man suspended off the ground by the shoulders of two others. All three are wearing desert uniform and holding pith helmets. Two of the men are holding cigarettes and they are arranged in front of a single storey, grass roofed building.


John dressed in uniform and his white banded side cap standing in front of a pitched grass roofed single storey building.

Men, women and children sitting around and swimming in a rectangular swimming pool with diving board. One man is wearing a pith helmet with a towel covering his back. The area is bordered by floodlights and trees. On the reverse of the second…
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