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View inside of Tintern Abbey.

View from outside Tintern Abbey.

View of the end of Tintern Abbey.

View of part of Tintern Abbey.

Tintern Abbey with walls intact but no roof.

Large stone built circular town gate with road and pedestrian archways.

View into the ruined Tintern Abbey with bright sunshine and shadows.

View across rolling hills with trees and fields. In the distance a cone shaped mountain. Captioned 'Sugar Loaf Mountain, Abergavenny'.

Photo 1 and 2 are a woman standing in a garden, identified as Aunt Laura.
Photo 3 is Arthur's mother, standing in a garden.
Photo 4 is Arthur standing in a garden.
Photo 5 and 6 are of a man standing beside a field gun, identified as Uncle Adrian…

Photo 1 is six people identified as Arthur, his mother, Uncle Leonard, Aunt Laura, Alison and Charles, at Caldicot.
Photo 2 is Arthur, Alison and Charles, in a garden.
Photo 3 is two women and two children, identified as Arthur's mother, Arthur's…

Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Three men are seated on the bonding frame at the forge and drinking cider. They are identified as Sam Starks, Herbert Gain and Grandfather Charles Thomas.
Photo 3 is a group of 16 men arranged in three rows with musical…

Three identical images of Reginald and Fanny on their wedding day.

List of Pilot Officer Floyd's crew and next of kin. Includes P Floyd, John Valentine, Sergeant Propert, Sergeant J Smith, Sergeant Wright, Sergeant Woodrow and Sergeant Randal giving next of kin address in S Wales.
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