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Two women sitting on stone bench outside a house. Woman on the right has dog on her lap. On the reverse 'Mother, Molly & Tim,Winson, 1940'.


Right hand page with caption 'Winson'.
Top - colour photograph of a young girl sitting in carriage.
Bottom - half-length b/w image of a girl.

Left page:
Top left - two girls sitting on lawn in garden.
Top centre - head and shoulders image of a baby wearing coat with hood.
Top right - a crowd, including a young girl and woman with baby in pushchair watching an elephant.
Middle left -…


Top page:
Top left - overgrown garden.
Top right - overgrown garden with house in background.
Bottom left - overgrown land with shed in distance.
Bottom right - overgrown garden.
Caption on spine 'Last visit to the home at Winson before the…

Left page:
top - colour photograph of a man and a woman wearing sun hats and another woman sitting round a table in a garden with house in the background.
Bottom - b/w photograph of four men hurdling over a wooden fence in a race.
Caption on…

Left page:
Top left - three men putting the rim onto a wagon wheel with barn and houses in the background.
Middle left - three men carrying wheel rim towards the wooden wheel while another man waits with tools in hand.
Bottom left - on the left…

Left page: a dark b/w image of the inside of a room with some unidentified features. Captioned 'Front room at Winson'.
Right page: b/w image with view out of a window of bare trees in middle distance. Captioned 'from the attic Winson 1930s'.

Left page:
Top - view through wrought iron gate of a stone church/chapel.
Bottom - several graveyard monumental tombs with stone building in the background.
Right page:
Captions on spine from top to bottom: '1984'. 'Winson 1984'.
Top left - top…

Left page:
Top - view of church yard with church on left and houses on right.
Bottom - view of several stone houses in hamlet.
Captions down spine from top to bottom: '1984, 'School', 'Winson'.
Right page:
Captions down spine from top to bottom:…

Left page:
Top left - view down lane of a small house on the left and a woman walking on the right.
Bottom left - view of parts of a stone barn on the right and house on the left.
Top right - b/w image of a stone filled-in Norman arch.

Top page:
Top left - view up of wooden roof beams.
Top right - view across lawn of a large three storey house with hedge in front. Other buildings off to the left,
Bottom left - b/w image of a large three storey house with small stone outbuilding…

Left page:
Top - view down a lane with stone wall on the left, of a stone barn on right with house beyond.
Bottom - view down and lane with stone wall on the right of a house in the distance.
Caption on spine 'Winson 1984'.
Right page:
Top -…

Top left - close up of stone pavement.
Top right - tall stone wall by side of road.
Bottom left - stone pathway.
Bottom right - enclosure with stone wall and wooden gate.
Captions on spine: '1984' and 'Winson'.
Right page; photographs mounted…

Top page:
Top left - view across rolling farmland.
Top right - view across harvested field with copse in distance.
Bottom left - view across open countryside.
Bottom right - hillsides with stone wall and small copse of trees.
Caption bottom…

Wooden door in a stone Norman archway. On the reverse 'Winson, Monday June 29 1953'.

Identification kindly provide by Harry Johnson of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group Facebook group.

Monumental stone tombs and gravestones in the graveyard of St Michael's Church.

Identification kindly provided by Kate Burhouse of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group Facebook group.
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