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Uniformed men drinking together.
A crowd of uniformed men are gathered around a bar, with bottles on top. Each man is holding a cup and it seems that a toast has just been given.

A man in uniform with arms folded is standing on a river bank. Two lorries can be seen in the background, on a dry river bed. Hills and trees in the distance. On the reverse: 'ricordo del vostro parente Angelo in terra Greca'

Five of the uniformed men are standing, with two saluting, three holding rifles and one crouched down in front of the other men. On the reverse: 'Ricordo di guardia sono quello che era segnato a letto [undecipherable]', plus numbers and a…

Three in various uniforms are standing in front of the port side of a Ro.37, parked on a hardstand. A side panel of the aircraft has been removed.


Paolo Troglio is stretching out the port side door of a SM.81, holding with his right arm to the handle. He is wearing a overall with a fur collar.


Five airmen, in combinations of dress uniform and flying gear, are standing or crouching on the grass in front of an hangar. Aviere Paolo Troglio, in overalls, is the first from the right. In the background some aircraft are parked under a canopy,…

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Paolo Troglio is standing on an grass airfield, behind him are a low building with a mast and a lattice tower. A line of tree and a snow-capped mountain range can be seen in the distance.


Paolo Troglio, in flying gear, is on the ladder of a SM.81 looking straight at the camera. He is carry a small bag round his waist whilst holding onto the aircraft port door handle with his left hand.


Photograph of Paolo Troglio.
Paolo Troglio standing on a runway wearing uniform with a Kanal flying jacket. He is holding a small pouch in his hands.


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