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A group of 12 men arranged in two rows spaced apart. Behind are many spectators, some sitting on the roofs of their huts.

Four relay runners, a baton can be seen in the leader's hand. They are watched a by a large group of spectators many of who are seated on the roof of a hut.

A small band with wind instruments, guitar and piano play to a small seated audience from the shade formed by the end of a hut. More men are sitting on the roof of the hut.

The finish line of the relay race with the moustached winner crossing the line. Rows of spectators are seated and standing by the line. On the roof of a hut more are seated and standing.

High jumper knocks off the bar. He is watched by a small group of men. Behind is a hut.

A group of referees working on the results of a race. Three are partly dressed in airmen's uniforms. Behind are spectators milling about. In the background are spectators on the roof of a hut.

Four men in a relay race, two in the process of handing over the baton. One man behind has already handed over his baton and has completed his part of the race. There are many spectators, seated and standing on the roof of a hut.

Four men in a walking race. Three men standing with their backs to the camera. Large group of spectators in the distance.

Man doing the long jump, just about to touch down. He is watched by a group of officials and spectators in the background. Some seated on the roof of a hut. Two men are holding the measuring tape. There is another man with a rake to smooth the sand.

Three men completing a running race. The finishing tape is held at one end and two officials are crouched at the line. A German officer watches on. There are many spectators with a large group seated and standing on a hut.

A table with many prizes for the winners of the Sports Day. One official looking on and many spectators, several topless.

Three men, one in uniform, are seated at a table. Two others in civilian clothes are standing close by. Four of the five are wearing sunglasses. On three blackboards are the betting odds.

The winner of the relay race, carrying a baton and breaking the tape. He is watched by a group of spectators, seated and standing on the ground and on the roof of a hut.

A man standing on a stool is issuing instructions through a loud-hailer. He is wearing shorts and a sleeveless vest and is reading from a notebook. Around him are spectators, some paying attention to him, others not. Behind him is a goal. Further…

A German officer and three airmen behind a table with prizes for the Sports Day. The table is covered with a cloth and the prizes are arranged on top. The group is in the shade at edge of a hut.

Group of men seated and standing by a line and some on the roof of a hut, just behind.

Six men running towards the camera. They are watched by seated and standing spectators, most on the sidelines but many on the roof of a hut.

The winner of the running race about to break the tape. The loser collapsed on the ground. Four other runners coming up just behind. They are watched by many men seated and standing both at the sidelines and on the roof of two huts.

Shot putter in action. The shot is seen flying through the air. He is watched by four German soldiers. In the background is a group of standing and seated spectators.

Group of men and athletes awaiting instructions. They are standing by a goal. There are many spectators in the background seated and standing, some on the roof of a hut in the background.

A group of 25 men. Six are seated on the ground. Three are seated at a table and are in charge of the betting. The rest are standing around the table. On the wall is a sign 'Here is the Tote No payment made after' (obscured)

Several runners, running as pairs, holding arms behind their backs, at the finishing line. Officials are watching. A hut and some spectators are in the background.

An athlete has completed his discus throw from a marked circle. He is wearing shorts, a head cover, socks and shoes. He is watched by an official with a notebook. A large group of spectators are seated and standing at the sidelines.

Group of spectataors, seated, lying,standing on a small mound behind a line.

Man jumping the high jump. He is watched by a small group of spectators, mostly seated. In the background is a large group of spectators, some seated and standing on the roof of a hut.
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