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  • Is Part Of is exactly "Filiputti, Angiolino. Sinking of the SS Galilea"

The SS Galilea has been torpedoed on its starboard side. A large explosion has caused flames to engulf the craft and black smoke is billowing upwards. Large waves are evident around the ship. Two other ships are sailing away towards the horizon, one…

Ten Alpini dressed in green and with bare feet are in the water, clinging to the outside of a round, yellow life raft. One figure is wearing a life jacket. To the right of the life raft, a further figure is being swept away and another body is…

On a clear day, two white aircraft with red crosses painted on their wings and fuselage are featured. One is flying on the horizon and the other crashing into the sea. Flames and smoke have engulfed the crashed aircraft. Nearby is a white boat with…
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