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A low angle oblique aerial photograph of the edge of a town. There is a central road leading in a straight line. The other roads form a grid pattern.

The edge of Goderich, Ontario with a sports ground. On the left is the coast line. The town is very regular, being in the form of a grid. At the top is an industrial area.

A vertical aerial photograph centred on the Big Otter Creek bridge. In the bottom left is an industrial area with railway sidings and an engine turntable. There are docks with one small ship.
In the corner is 'P 8' and a counter reading '01220', the…

Vertical aerial photograph of Goderich, Ontario. The central feature is a building and wood with a circular road, from this other roads radiate like spokes. Other roads form a grid like pattern. There are many trees. At the bottom is a port area and…

A low angle oblique aerial photograph of Midland grain elevator on the edge of Georgian Bay. It has a railway line with freight wagons. In the distance and on the other side of a coastal inlet are docks and Midland. Part of the view is obscured by an…

A low oblique aerial photograph of Goderich grain silos. In the foreground are railway sidings with freight wagons. The sidings extend behind the grain silos. There is a harbour area with a small island between the first sidings and the silos. In…

A vertical aerial photograph of a town at the edge of a bay. Parallel with the bay there is the Gardiner expressway and railway. In the bay are u-shaped structures. At the bottom there are between the road and the coast are holiday structures and the…

A high oblique aerial photograph of Midland, Ontario with many trees. In the foreground is a lake and in the middle a second lake. There is a large building at the edge of the middle lake and an area of docks. There are also grain silos. In the…
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