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Stage hands preparing scenery. The stage door is open to the outside camp and two men are carrying a stage flat. More scenery is against the back drop at the back of the stage.

A partly coloured sketch of a theatrical group with a caption September 1st 1943 to January 27th 1945. Character include a man in a wheelchair, and two men dressed as women.

A view of the hut used as a theatre. Two trees are in the foreground

Props stored at the theatre. There is a bust, stage flats and pieces of furniture.

The theatre's wings with an actor and two stage hands.

A group of prisoners marching through the camp gates, passed a sentry box and watched by guards.

A view of the stage from the wings. Two actors are on the stage and a third, a waiter, is bringing a tray with a drinks.

A scene from a musical comedy viewed from the wings. Musicians including a guitarist and saxophonist are playing while a man dressed as a woman dances.

A play being performed with three actors. The orchestra are in their pit and a couple of spectators are watching. A picture on the back of stage reads 'Home Sweet Home'. There is a stage villain and two prisoners of war dressed as women characters.

A scene in the dressing room. Actors are reading their lines while others get changed and have makeup applied. Four men and preparing to play women's roles.

Control room for the stage lighting, looking down at the stage. Two actors are on stage while stage hands move a piece of furniture.

Actors on the stage being watched by an orchestra in their pit and a handful of spectators. Several actors are at a table while two Royal characters are on a raised area.

Stagehands preparing the set. One man is at the top of a ladder by the proscenium arch. The backdrop is a city scape with high rise buildings.

Seven men at work making props. Two men are working on a dresser. A Red Cross crate is in the foreground.

Stagehands at work. Two dancers are on the stage. A man at the top of a ladder is working on the stage flats and others are painting.

Six actors waiting back stage. Three men are dressed as women. Part of a show's musical running order is written on the wall behind them.
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