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The letter expresses delight that Les has arrived safely in the UK.

The letter acknowledges that Les is a prisoner of war in Tripoli. It advises the procedure of sending mail and parcels to Les.

Thanks her for her letter. Advises her to continue to address letters to Stalag 357 in case his move to Stalag Luft 3 did not take place.

Glad to know that she had heard from her husband and noted his camp address. Mentions that they had been informed that her husband has been promoted and has a new service number. Includes information on posting letters and parcels to prisoners of war…

List of food items. Gives account of how distributed, donations gratefully received, but parcels are provided for all prisoners whether contributions sent or not.

Instructions about sending food parcels. How, food, what could be sent, costs, donations, addressing. Concludes with reasons why parcels not addressed to individual prisoners.
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