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Young, John
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13 items. The collection consists of an oral history interview with Sergeant John Young (1569980, Royal Canadian Air Force), his logbook and 11 photographs of aircrew groups and Halifax aircraft. John Young was a flight engineer on 432 Squadron based at RAF East Moor, part of 6 Group. The collection shows a number of aircrew groups which include him as well as ground and air shots of his Halifax Mk 3 with Ferdinand II nose art.

The collection was donated by John Young and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Young, J

Collection Items

John Hartley
John Hartley in uniform sitting on a fence in front of a wooden building. On the reverse 'John Hartley wireless op (BC).'

Interview with John Young
After John volunteered for the Royal Air Force, he reported to St John’s Wood before being posted to Newquay in April 1943. He was sent to RAF Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey with a short time in Lincolnshire. He chose to be a flight engineer or…

John Youngs’ flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers
Royal Air Force flying log book for Sergeant John Young, flight engineer, covering the period 28 June 1944 to 6 January 1945, detailing training, and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF St Athan, RAF Eastmoor. Aircraft flown in were the Halifax…

John Young and his crew
Seven aircrew in Mae Wests standing in front of the undercarriage of a Halifax. Two kneel in front and five stand behind. The middle man in the rear is wearing an officers peaked cap. The letter B can be seen behind on the undercarriage door. Crew…

Four men in front of a Hotel
In front a leading aircraftsman on the left beside a man in civilian suit both crouching and holding glasses of beer. Behind them two flight sergeant aircrew in tunics standing holding glasses of beer. In the background a building, door, windows, a…

Two servicemen in front of an aircraft
Two servicemen wearing shorts, one without shirt standing in front of an aircraft KC-P. There is a trolley to their right. On the reverse 'Lancaster, John re-joined the RAF in 1948'.

Ferdinand II
Nose of Halifax to just behind cockpit. Nose art shows a cartoon bull with steam blowing from nostrils and the name Ferdinand II underneath. There are four rows of bomb symbols, 3 rows of ten and a row of 9 below the cockpit. On the reverse 'Halifax…

First day in the Canadian squadron 432
Line group of seven aircrew, all in uniform either battledress or tunics with appropriate brevets. Sergeant John Young is standing is on the extreme right. Captioned ‘Sgt Stedman P. F/O Gapes N. F/O Fox O/B W/O Hartley W/AG Sgt Cambell M/U Sgt…

John Young and John Hartley<br /><br />
Two identical photographs of Sergeant John Young standing with wireless operator John Hartley. Both are wearing Mae Wests, parachute harnesses and flying boots. In the background two bicycles are leaning against a low structure. On the reverse of…

Ferdinand II in flight
Air-to-air view of Halifax Ferdinand II photographed from another Halifax. On the reverse 'John’s Halifax Bomber.'

Ferdinand II on ground
Two identical photographs of Halifax Ferdinand II on ground with tyre covers. Shows port side of aircraft and up to inboard engine on starboard wing. Nose art shows Ferdinand II and cartoon painting. Eight rows of bomb 10 bomb symbols are painted…

Ferdinand II being serviced
Two identical photographs of Halifax Ferdinand II being serviced. In the top left corner one ground crew is standing at the top of a ladder looking at the nose of the aircraft. The nose has nose art of a cartoon character of a bull and the title…

John Young and aircrew
Two photographs of the same seven aircrew in line wearing Mae West and parachute harnesses. Sergeant John Young is on the far left of the group. In the background is part of the bottom of an aircraft. On the reverse of PYoungJ1502 'Sept-Oct 1944.' On…
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