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Woolgar, Reg
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17 items. The collection consists of an oral history interview with air gunner Reginald Woolgar DFC (1920 - 2024, 139398 Royal Air Force), correspondence to his father about him being missing in action and subsequently rescued from the sea, his log book, service and release book and nine photographs.

He flew operations as an air gunner with 49 and 192 Squadrons.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Reg Woolgar and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.

This collection also contains items concerning John William Wilkinson. Additional information on John William Wilkinson is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Woolgar, R

Collection Items

Interview with Reg Woolgar
Reg Woolgar was born in Hove. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force in December 1939 and trained as a wireless operator/air gunner. He flew Hampdens with 49 Squadron. His aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft fire on a mine laying operation to Oslo…

Reg Woolgar's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant Reg Woolgar from 29 November 1940 to 21 July 1947. Detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Yatesbury, RAF West Freugh, RAF Upper Heyford,…

Letter to Mr Woolgar
R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Reg Woolgar's father detailing the circumstances of his being reported as missing.

Notification of award to Sergeant Reg Woolgar
Letter to Sergeant Reg Woolgar awarding the Distinguished Flying Cross

Request to kit out Sergeant Reg Woolgar
Letter from RAF Gosport regarding Sergeant Reg Woolgar being rescued from the sea and requiring new kit. On reverse, address of an office in London.

Telegram to Mr Woolgar
Telegram to Sergeant Reg Woolgar’s father informing that he was reported as missing.

Letter to Mr Woolgar
R Stubbs writes from RAF Scampton to Mr Woolgar informing him that his son has been rescued and is at the Royal Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. He advises that he will be granted leave after he has returned to the squadron.

Reg Woolgar's service and release book
Service and release book of Flight Lieutenant Reg Woolgar, last day of service 21 September 1947, released as class A.

Social gathering at the City of Lincoln pub
Group portrait of personnel and civilians at a social gathering at the City of Lincoln pub. Reg Woolgar and his wife are far right back row and Dorothy Scott, the landlady, is in the centre of the back row. Participants are of different genders and…

49 Squadron aircrew
Group portrait of 49 Squadron aircrew, arranged in three rows in front of a Hampden. Captioned '49 Squadron Aircrew, Oct 1941, RAF Scampton', five men are marked as Jimmy Woolgar, Claree, Ellis, Gatsby and Rafe Allsebrook.

Gunnery leaders course at RAF Sutton Bridge
Group portrait of 28 air gunners, formally arranged in three rows in front of a hut. Eight are seated, the rest standing; seven carrying peaked caps. In the back row, three men appear to be wearing non-Royal Air Force brevets and uniforms. Reverse…

40 airmen
Group portrait of 40 airmen, formally arranged in three rows in front of huts. 14 are seated, the rest standing; all wearing side caps, some greatcoats. Two men in the back row are looking towards each other, the left hand of whom has been marked…

Yatesbury Wireless Training School
Personnel march between two rows of wooden huts. All men are wearing side caps, carry gas masks and training materials. Captioned 'Wireless Training School, Yatesbury. July, 1940'

Jack Wilkinson
Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant Jack Wilkinson, wearing a side cap and an air gunner brevet, looking at the camera. On the reverse ‘Sgt. Jack Wilkinson. 49 Squadron, Scampton. missing bombing operations Essen night [deleted] February…

192 Squadron air gunners at RAF Foulsham
Group portrait of 38 air gunners, formally arranged in four rows in front of huts. Eight are seated, the rest standing; six officers in the second row are wearing peaked caps. On the reverse 'Air Gunners, 192 Squadron, 100 Group, Foulsham, Norfolk.…

Reg Woolgar
Head and shoulder portrait of Sergeant Reg Woolgar in side cap with air gunner brevet, smiling looking at the camera. On the reverse 'Nov 1941 All my love darling, Yours ever, Reg.'

No 9 course air gunners
Group portrait of 14 aircrew all with air gunner’s brevets formally arranged in three ranks, five seated, the rest standing. The man in the middle of the front row is wearing a peaked cap while the rest are in side caps. The group is in grass yard…
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