Greenwood, Betty


Greenwood, Betty
Betty Elenor Greenwood
B E Greenwood


Four items. An oral history interview with Betty Greenwood (b.1926) a pair of gloves and two photographs. She was a plotter in the Royal Observer Corps.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Betty Greenwood and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Greenwood, BE

Collection Items

Royal Air Force medical officer
Head an shoulders portrait of Royal Air Force officer wearing peaked cap and tunic with medical officers badge. Betty’s husband who was a Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Medical Officer in during the Second World War, they met post war when he…

Royal Observer Corps personnel
32 women and 3 men of the Royal Observer Corps, in uniform, Betty Greenwood (Harrison at the time) is third from the left in the second to last row, submitted with caption; 'Her school class with the 3 Royal Observer Corps teachers - Betty is three…

A pair of gloves
A pair of gloves, the left hand one in its mitten configuration, the other in glove configuration (the portion over the wrist and lower arm can be turned over and zipped around the hand), in the palm of the mitten are a pair of Royal Air Force…

Interview with Betty Greenwood
Betty Greenwood was born in 1926 in Belton, Lancashire; she attended Princess Mary high school was and privately educated in Paris but returned due to the threat of war. At sixteen she was offered various jobs but decided to join the Royal Observer…
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