Cochrane, Donald Harvin


Cochrane, Donald Harvin
Donald Harvin Cochrane
D H Cochrane


13 Items. The collections concerns Donald Harvin Cochrane DFM (1926 - 2010, 1395422, Royal Air Force) and consists of his log book, letters, service material, photographs and a memoir. Donald Cochrane completed 29 operations as a wireless operator with 460 Squadron

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Pamela Ann Staffel and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

This collection also contains items concerning Colin Farrant. Additional information on Colin Farrant is available via the IBCC Losses Database.





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Cochrane, DH

Collection Items

Donald Cochrane’s observer's and air gunner's flying log book
Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Donald Cochrane from 10 January 1944 to 31 August 1944. Detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Stradishall, RAF Feltwell, RAF Binbrook and RAF Seighford.…

38 airmen
A group of 38 airmen arranged in four rows and are wearing side caps with a white flash indicating they are under training. The photograph is in a cardboard mount with a handwritten '1941' at the top. On the cover is 'Dalette Studio' and an address…

Donald Cochrane's Service Record
The completed service record of Donald Cochrane 1395422.

Donald Cochrane's operations
A handwritten list of Don Cochrane's first tour. It comprises a short paragraph for each of the 29 operations he undertook. Included are four maps with bombs indicating his targets.

Letter to Donald Cochrane from Reg Mullins
A letter written by Reg Mullins to Don Cochrane. There is a discussion on wartime colleagues and getting married. Reg is a co-pilot on Lancastrians but misses his time in the RAF.

Letter to Donald Cochrane's parents from Dorothy Bond
A letter from Dorothy Bond to Donald Cochrane's parents passing on congratulations for his deeds. There is also a reply from his parents to Dorothy.

Donald Cochrane's memoir
A detailed account of when his Lancaster 'Q', ND392, was attacked by an enemy aircraft. He repeatedly travelled the length of the aircraft to assist the air gunners.
The second part describes an operation when a great number of aircraft were lost…

Donald Cochrane in flying gear
A three quarter length portrait of Donald Cochrane in flying gear complete with Mae West and parachute.

Reg Mullins and crew inspecting  Lancaster's damaged rear turret
Damage to the rear gun turret being checked over by five airmen. The guns and perspex are gone and there are holes in the airframe. On the reverse:

Jock Hendry

Two boys, friends flew to the war
The loss of Colin Farrant and the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to Donald Cochrane are reported in a newspaper article. They were friends who joined up together at the age of 15. Colin Farrant went missing on an operation to Essen. Donald…

Note by Donald Cochrane
A handwritten note by Donald Cochrane. 'Tuesday Nov 20th 1945 Buckingham Palace See King'.

Donald Cochrane invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace
Notes that the King will hold investiture at Buckingham Palace on 20 November 1945. Donald Cochrane requested to be at palace no later than 10.15. Goes on to detail dress and who may accompany.

Damaged Lancaster rear gun turret
Inside a hangar, a sergeant and other airmen are standing around damaged rear gun turret and fuselage of Lancaster. A tow bar is attached to the tail wheel, which has 'RAF Elshamwold [sic]' painted on it.
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