Clark, Denise


Clark, Denise
D Clark


Seven items including letter of sympathy for loss, photographs of people and squadron personnel as well as reconnaissance photographs of Tripoli.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Denise Clark and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Clark, D

Collection Items

Squadron aircrew personnel in front of Lancaster
Squadron aircrew in three rows in front of a Lancaster. Front row sitting in chairs, second row standing and third row standing on benches.

Squadron personnel in front of Lancaster
A large group pf personnel in five rows for formal squadron photograph in front of a Lancaster.

Wedding of airman
Full length portrait of a Pilot Officer wearing tunic with half brevet alongside a woman wearing dress a hat and holding wedding bouquet.

Reconnaissance photograph of harbour area. There are many ships, some of them identified as Anna Maria, Ariosto, Atlas, Bengasi, Beppe, Bosforo, Delia, and Pisani. Five ships have been enclosed by blue line. There is a breakwater along right side.…

Tripoli (motor transport dump)
Reconnaissance photograph with a shoreline running from bottom left to middle right with sea at top and land below. Buildings cover the land; military storehouses near Via Cannizzaro e Via Giuseppe Colombo are outlined in blue. Captioned 'M702…

A member of Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Half length portrait of an airwoman wearing tunic, leaning on a chair back. On the reverse 'M31 Clark'.

Letter of sympathy from Buckingham Palace
Letter to Mrs R B Daniels offering sympathy for loss. Signed George R.I.
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