Assheton, Jacqueline


Assheton, Jacqueline
J Assheton


Four items. An oral history interview with Jacqueline Assheton (b.1939) and three photographs. She is the daughter of Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jacqueline Assheton and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Assheton, JJ

Collection Items

21 airmen and a dog
21 airmen arranged in two rows, the front row seated. They are dressed in tropical uniform with shorts and are holding pith helmets. Behind them is a concrete building and hedge. On the reverse 'S/L Harris 45-8 yrs 1924 Baghdad A.T.H. & possibly…

Jacqueline Harris and her mother
Jacqueline Harris sitting on her mother's knees. It is signed 'Love from [indecipherable]'.

Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris, his wife, Jacqueline in a garden
Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris in uniform and his wife are standing in a garden watching a young Jacqueline looking at a topiary bear. On the reverse '1942'.

Interview with Jacqueline Assheton
Jacqueline Assheton discusses her father's career in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force and his post war work establishing Safmarine shipping line and his friendship with Jan Christiaan Smuts. Her father did not talk about his wartime career,…
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